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Greetings, I am looking for information on the families of Burke (Burk, Bourke) and Raftery (Rafferty) in the civil parishes of Addergoole and Liskeevy.  These are the old civil parishes, now joined by Milltown.  The Townlands of Milltown (Addergoole) and Belmont, or Belmount (Liskeevy) are the Townlands of most interest to me so far as I can tell at this point.

My grandmother was Honor(a) Annie Raftery, born in 1887 (died in USA).  She is listed on the 1901 Census as Annie, child of Michael Rafferty (variant of Raftery) and Mary (who is his second wife, maiden name Hughes).  Honora's mother was Margaret Burke, who died in 1888.  Honora is not listed on the 1911 census because she emigrated to NYC in about 1907.

I have found the correct Burke and Raftery in Griffith's Valuation of 1855.  These are my GGGFs:  Michael Burke and Michael Raftery were both in the same Townland (Belmont), 

County:  Galway, Barony:  Dunmore, Union:  Tuam, Civil Parish:  Liskeevy, Townland:  Belmont. 

Michael Burke (GGGF) died on August 8, 1883.  From his death notice, he is  72 years old, a landowner.  His wife, Honor Burke (GGGM), was present at this death.  Honor(a), died on February 14, 1901 (79 yrs old).  From a birth / baptism notice of their son, Michael (b. 1858), it appears that Honor’s maiden name was Connelly (this might need further confirmation).  They had a daughter, Bridget, who married a Costello.  I have not been able to find marriage or birth notices for GGGparents Michael and Honor.  I do not know where any of them are buried.

Michael Burke (GGGF) and Honor(a) Burke (GGGM) were the parents of at least 4 children:  Margaret (my GGM), Michael, Anna, and Bridget.  The family lived in Milltown, Belmont, Tuam, Galway.  

At one point Townland Milltown was part of Civil Parish Addergoole, and Belmont was Townland in Civil Parish Liskeevy.  I find these two Townlands in different documents of my ancestry, except for the Griffith's Valuation, which puts both Burke and Raftery in Belmont, Liskeevy. 

My GGM, Margaret Burke:  died in 1888 (seems was born 1848/51).  I have not found a baptism or birth record for her.  She married Michael Raftery (son of Michael Raftery (GGGF) noted above in Griffith's Valuation) in 1876.  My grandmother, Honor(a) Annie, is listed in the 1901 Census as a child (named Annie here, which is what she often used), 12 years old, in the household of Michael Rafferty (variant of Raftery) and Mary Rafferty (Michael's second wife).  They are in Townland, Belmount; DED Foxhall; County Galway.  There is a son, Patrick, age 20, so he might also be a son of Margaret Burke.  The other children are all younger than Annie, so would be Annie's step siblings.

I do not know where any of the Burkes or Rafterys mentioned here are buried or where they went to school.

Some of the difficulty for me is the change of the boundaries of the Civil Parishes of Addergoole and Liskeevy, now joined as Milltown (see Milltown Heritage website on this merge)  In 1855 (Griffiths), both my Burkes and Rafterys are in old civil parish of Liskeevy, Townland Belmont.  By the time of the 1901 Census, the boundaries have changed and Belmont (Belmount) is townland, DED is Foxhall, and in the now joined parish of Milltown.  


Burke:  Variants I've seen are Burk, Bourke.

Raftery:  The variant of this, Rafferty, is found on the 1901 Census, but is corrected for the 1911 Census.  Here, several of the children, including my Grandmother, are no longer in the household (they have emigrated to NY), but Michael Raftery (GGF) age 68 and and his second wife Mary (68) are listed at that location (Belmont, Tuam).

I am coming to Milltown / Belmont in one year, September 20224.  I would like to find where the Burkes and Rafterys are buried, where they might have gone to school and church, and if there are any local collections / records I can check when I visit in 2024.  How do I know what RC church parish records to check, and how difficult this would be given the two civil parishes of Liskeevy and Addergoole merged into Milltown?  I seek help in  identifying the land plots mentioned in Griffiths for these families and if any of their old homesteads are still standing.  I am grateful for any guidance.  I wrote to Ireland Reaching Out about a month ago with this information and questions, but I've not heard back from them.  They advertise that there are local volunteers who might help.  I am coming with my sister and three nieces in order to see where our ancestors were born, lived, and many died.  Thank you.

Ann Raftery Meyer


Wednesday 20th Sep 2023, 09:45PM

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