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My wife's grandfather was Michael Francis Noone. He was born 9 Nov 1886, in Derryglassaun/Derrylissane, to John Noone and Ellen Laheen. His parents were married 20 Jan 1877 at Menlough, and lived in Derryglassaun/Derrylissane. Ellen died 17 Dec 1888 in Derrylissane, and John also died in Derrylissane, on 23 Sep 1919. They had five children; two daughtres: Mary (b 1877),and Bridgette (b 1887 - d 1908); and three sons: Patrick James (b 1882 - d 1861), John (b 1883), and Michael Francis (b 1886 - d 1969). Patrick and Michael both emmigrated to the United States. I have found this family in the 1901 and 1911 censuses, in Derryglassaun.

Ellen's father is, possibly, Patt Laheen. And John's parents are thought to be Matthew and Bridget Noone. I have not discovered them in the censuses.

My wife and I will be traveling to Ireland in the Fall of 2019, and plan to visit this area. If there are descendants fo these Noones and Laheens, we would be thrilled to meet them. We hope to find the burying places of these people and pay our respects, as well as say a prayer, for each of them.


Howard Curran



Monday 23rd Jul 2018, 07:55PM

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  • Hi Howard,

    Welcome to IrelandXO.

    This is the link to the Marriage record of John Noone & Ellen Laheen:…

    Looks like John's father was Michael written in short Ml

    Ellens's father listed as Patt / Patrick.

    Will check with my neighbours and see if I can link to current families.



    Gerard, Parish Liaison Lackagh

    Thursday 26th Jul 2018, 02:54PM
  • Thanks for your reply. When I saw the marriage record, I thought John's father's short name was "Ma", so I interpreted that to be Matthew. I will go forward looking for a Michael Noone. I am trying to do some reverse genealogy, to try and find decendants of the two families.


    Tuesday 14th Aug 2018, 03:48PM
  • Hello

    I have been doing some research on the Laheens of Derryglassaun.  Last night I discovered James Laheen of Derryglassaun married Margaret Geraghty Curley (widow).  His father was Patt and was deceased at the time of his marriage in 1878.  My gr gr grandmother's death cert in 1891 (age 57) lists James, brother of deceased of Derryglassaun, as informant.  James was 32 in 1878 per marriage cert. The age gap is common in the large Irish families. It is believed Mary was one of the oldest children. My Carr's down in Tully Village--grandfather's family.  His mother had her first child in 1882 and last child in 1906.  

    In the 1901 Census you will James and Catherine---it was transcribed as Loheen by 1911 it was back to Laheen. I believe there are descendants there.  James and Catherine had child Patrick who married Margaret and lived in Derryglassaun.  He married in 1911. They had 3 known children--if more children the Census data for births cut-off around 1917--their third child was born in 1916.

    I am not sure if this helps. Have you done DNA testing?  

    I noticed your last name--I have DNA matches with several Currans--Patricia, Linda, Diane and Diane Teresa.  Any connection to you?



    Sunday 2nd Jun 2019, 02:10PM
  • Hi Howard 

    I think I can help you.. I live in Derrylissane/Derryglassaun and i believe we may be related,




    Carrina Laheen

    Monday 18th Jan 2021, 04:47PM

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