Buildings from Moyrus (County Galway)

Locate buildings around Moyrus (County Galway) and discover who lived and worked there.

Roundstone Coastguard Station
Roundstone Coastguard Station
St. Mary's Church, Carna, County Galway
St. Mary's Church, Carna, County Galway
Carna Emigrant Centre
Carna Emigrants Centre
Blackadder Hotel Ballynahinch, Galway c.1895
Blackadder Hotel Ballynahinch Galway

Moyrus (County Galway) Message Board

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James Feeney
11 Oct 2022 17:39
Looking for Aeneas McDonald
26 Sep 2021 17:36
Mary FOLAN, my 2Xgrandmother, was born in County Galway - trying to find out info about her mother.
28 Apr 2021 21:43
Family of Mark & Anne Conneely Folan, Callowfinish, Carna, Co. Galway
29 Mar 2019 23:34

Moyrus (County Galway) Local Guide

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Coynes Bar & Bistro
Moyrus (Galway)

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