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From doing my family research I believe my great grandmother Sarah Maloney born 1874 had links in Tuam on the 1901 census she states born Dublin in brackets  ( Galway) I have been told she would make trips to Tuam to visit her brother Thomas. Her marriage cert states her father's name was John Occupation Farmer deceased.

There maybe a variation in the spelling of the surname  as I know Sarah could not read or write.

A relative did visit the County library but was told the name of Sarah was an unusual one for the time ?  No records were found.

Thanks in advance for any information anyone can provide.

Graham Maloney

Monday 7th Nov 2022, 02:13PM

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  • Graham,

    Who did Sarah marry and where. What was her maiden name.



    Monday 7th Nov 2022, 02:59PM
  • My Mum had a friend in Tuam with the surname of Maloney but sadly she passed away a few years ago. She was the last of the family to live there. She had brothers but they no longer live in Tuam and as I understand it, one of her brothers died last year. I believe her brother had sons but I don't know them.


    Monday 7th Nov 2022, 08:44PM
  • Mcoy Maloney was Sarah's maiden name. 

    Sarah had two children Patrick 1897 my grandfather and Ellen 1901 both born in Green Lane workhouse Eccles Lancs before she married in 1903.

    Ellen also known as Nellie I believe went to Canada.


    AM  thanks for your reply I am the last of the Maloney line in England we couldn't have children I ve done extensive research on my mother's side but my father's side there has been very little information something my dad Fred had always wanted to find out about. 

    Graham Maloney

    Wednesday 9th Nov 2022, 10:22PM
  • Graham,

    I attach a record from Griffith's Valuation for a Thomas Molony in the area of Tuam - Cloonnaglasha townland.

    I am unable to post details of this townland, due to its size, but you can download it via Google

    It may not be your relative. The problem is that you have various spellings for this name - Molony, Moloney, Maloney, Mulloney - so 

    is it difficult to identify any particular family from the records. 

    You have another "Thomas Molony" in Lydacan which is near to Oranmore.

    You can search free site  -'s Valuation.



    Thursday 10th Nov 2022, 10:12AM
  • McCoy 

    Thankyou for the information you have provided. 

    Yes the variations in the spelling make it difficult also Sarah was unable to read or write so knowing if on records it was scribed correctly from pronunciation adds to the problem.

    I am thinking the DNA route might be the only way forward.

    Graham Maloney

    Thursday 10th Nov 2022, 01:28PM
  • Graham, I've just checked the death notice for my Mum's dear friend Angela Maloney (RIP). It names her brothers and nephews. I believe that her married brother has now passed away but there are two other brothers' names including Fr Joseph based in Tuam and Fr Dermot in Crossboyne (Co Mayo?) as well as two nephews in Dublin. Perhaps if you ring the Catholic presbytery in Tuam, that they might be able to point you in the right direction for Fr Joseph Maloney or in Crossboyne for Fr Dermot Maloney - if they are still at those addresses. I'm not sure how to contact either of the two lads but if you were able to talk to Angela's brothers, you could make a start. I hope that it works out for you.


    Thursday 10th Nov 2022, 02:08PM
  • Hi again Graham,

    I've found this email address that you might find of use for contacting Fr Joseph Maloney. It is:

    Now I imagine that any emails would go to an admin person/team so if you are thinking of making contact in this way, you might like to give a short explanation of your quest and then perhaps ask if Fr Joseph might respond to you?

    And of course, he may not be from the right Maloney family anyway but given that he is from Tuam, this line might be worth investigating. It is of course your own decision as to what you might choose to do and I wish you all the best.



    Thursday 10th Nov 2022, 05:15PM
  • Thankyou AM for your interest I will try and follow this up.

    Graham Maloney

    Thursday 10th Nov 2022, 06:00PM
  • Thanks Graham. I am glad to have been of some help and hope that you will find your Maloney roots. 


    Friday 11th Nov 2022, 09:37AM

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