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I have completed quite a bit of our family genealogy, but would like to fill in some gaps, verify the information I have, learn more about my ancestors, obtain documents, and discover if I have relatives living in Ballyheigue or elsewhere in Kerry. My daughter, two grandchildren (boy and girl twins aged 16), and I will be in Ireland in July. We would like to do an "ancestry tour" on July 23rd from Killarney to Ballyheigue.
I am hoping that with the information below, someone in this group would be able to pinpoint the exact/approximate location of where any of my relatives lived and/or where some who I am not aware of now live.
My grandfather, Jeremiah Delaney, was born in Dirtane, Ballyheigue, Kerry. Records from the parish indicate his birthdate of May 25, 1875. His parents are listed on his death certificate (Chicago, IL, USA) as John Delaney and Joanne Sullivan, but as William Delaney & Joanna Sullivan in the Ballyheigue records.  William John Delaney was born in 1835 in Ireland. He had seven sons and three daughters with Mary Johanna Sullivan between 1859 and 1878. 
My grandmother, Hanora Mahoney Delaney, was born on August 23, 1878 in Ballyheigue to John Mahony and Mary Barry (married on February 2, 1868). Mary was from Glenderry, Ballyheigue and John may have been from Clahanbawn, Ballyheigue. I think that they were married 16 Feb 1868  in Ardfert, Kerry, IrelandThey had other children: Bridget (February 1, 1899), John (December 1, 1871), and Mary (May 13, 1875). 
Interestingly, these birthdates, which I think are correct, differ from the dates they used in the US.
Jeremiah left Ireland in 1899 and Hanora (Nora) in 1904 (both from Queensland) going to New York and immediately to Chicago, IL.
I think that Jeremiah lived in Chicago with his brother, Michael W, Delaney and his wife, Johanna (from the 1900 Census). By the time of the 1910 Census, Jeremiah and Nora were already married with two children, so I don't know what she did upon arrival. I recall her telling me that she was a seamstress.
They were married on June 27, 1906, in Chicago, and had four children: Thomas J, Mary Agnes, William, and John P. (Mary Agnes was my mother.)
He died in Chicago on March 27, 1963. She died May 11, 1967.
I have some other information about their families, almost all in Kerry and Ballyheigue. The farthest back which may or may not be accurate is in my grandmother's line: John Barry born in 1790 to Patrick Barry who was born about 1770 and John's wife, Mary Lynch. On my grandfather's side, his father's parents were Michael Delaney (1795) and Mary O Mahoney Mahony also about 1795.

A genealogist on Facebook provided this information to me a few days ago. There are a few conflicts with other data I have.

William Delaney of Buncurrig married Johanna Sullivan in Killury, Kerry in June 1857. The witnesses were Michael Delaney and Maria Sullivan.

1901 census:

Johanna died in Tralee on 12th February 1902, aged 68:

William died in Tralee on 13th March 1908, aged 76:

Their children were baptised in Killury or Ballyheigue:

1. Patrick, 25th August 1857

2. John, 15th January 1859

3. William, 23rd September 1860

4. Mary, 11th May 1862 - married James Cantillon in Tralee on 13th June 1891, he was the informant on William's death.

5. Catherine, 4th June 1864 (born 27th May)

6. Michael, 10th June 1866 (his birth certificate says that he was born on 10th August but obviously this is after his baptism)

7. James, 11th January 1868 (born 14th January, again after his baptism)

8. Daniel, 26th July 1869 (born 22nd July)

9. Johanna, 11th March 1871 (born 11th March)

10. Jeremiah, 26th May 1875 (born 13th June, again after)

You had 42 days to register a birth so I've come across quite a few parents in Ireland who altered their child's date of birth so as to be within the window and avoid a fine or penalty. You often find discrepancies between dates of birth on birth certificates, baptisms and other documents in Ireland. The baptism date may be most accurate if it's the earliest document. The further away from the date you get, the less accurate it is.










I hope that this is not too much information!

Saturday 1st Jun 2024, 04:13PM

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    If you have not done so already, could you complete our Meet and Greet form   I'm not sure if we have a volunteer in the area but the form will get the process started, Thanks!

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  • I forgot to mention that Johanna and William died in Dirtane not Tralee. Tralee is/was the Superintendent Registration District which would encompass a number of civil parishes in North Kerry.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 1st Jun 2024, 05:46PM
  • Hello,

    Using the free site under the church records tab, I found just a few corrections to your information...John Mahony and Mary Barry were married in the RC parish of Ballyheigue, not the adjacent Ardfert. Bridget was born in 1869, not 1899. I believe you are correct on John's place of residence as Clahanban, as the site shows that is where all four of their children were born. The information you have about Mary's father and grandfather is probably a bit harder to prove as the baptism/marriage records for Ballyheigue began in 1858. However, the Griffith's Valuation for 1852 shows only one Barry in Glenderry...a John, there are three entries for John Barry. 

    Regarding self-reported birth dates post emigration, I always go with the records in Ireland as the correct ones. Keeping track of one's birth date was not that critical....lots of folks either did not know their date or changed their date for a variety of reasons. All eight of my Irish great grandparents have incorrect birth dates on their US records.

    You have done an excellent job tracing your Irish roots! Enjoy your trip!



    Sunday 2nd Jun 2024, 02:59PM
  • Thank you, Roger and Carolyn!



    Sunday 2nd Jun 2024, 10:09PM
  • Rosemary,

    My maternal grandmother was from Kerry and I have traced her maternal family tree which includes Delaney, Halloran, and Guerin.  Her paternal tree is Barry and Barrett.  I'm happy to help or share anything I can..... 



    Monday 3rd Jun 2024, 04:51PM

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