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From the RC Parish Bapt Records of my 3xs Greatgrandparents Edmund and Mary Walsh children, the family and also Edmunds brother Daniels family were living in the Townland of Tulla Beg (the RC Parish of Ballybunion and Civil Parish of Kilconly). Their first child Edmund was born in 1832 and last child Joanna was born in 1855 so covering the Griffiths Valuation of the area.  ( nine of their children were born in Tulla Beg while Elizabeth born in 1853 was born in Tulla More just across the road from Tulla Beg.

The Tulla Beg Townland was leased by 2 families the Costello's and the Kings (several brothers in both), just over 100 acres each.  I have taken from this that Edmund and Daniel Walsh must have been farm workers for these families and so not recorded in the Griffiths Valuation.  But  the houses recorded in Griffiths are only enough for the Costello and King  families yet I thought all houses need to be recorded in the Valuation.  The word "offices" has always intrigued me for farm buildings and I wonder if these could be houses for the workers families.  Can any one help me, am I making the right assumptions here?

Many thanks

Chris in NZ  


Sunday 3rd Dec 2023, 12:00AM

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