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I have copies of the 1901 Census for Ballybunyon showing Catherine Breen (Nee Heffernan) and 4 x family members plus two visitors. Catherine's husband Jeremiah was known to have died died in 1891.

My question for this message is - I cannot see an address on this Census return only Schedule number 40 on all returns.

Do any members have any knowledge of this census return and how to determine where the house was?

Kind regards





Sunday 6th Aug 2023, 10:06AM

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  • Brian:

    Catherine Breen and her family lived in the town of Ballybunion. There were 62 households in the town in 1901. Families completed the census return based on who was living in the household Sunday night March 31 1901. RIC constables were responsible for collecting and witnessing the 1901 census forms. The first house they visited was house1, second house was house 2 and so on. So Catherine Breen and family were the 40th house visited by the constable.

    There were no house addresses in 1901.

    If you look at the third B1 form, You can see that the Breen house was two houses away from a hotel and also two houses away from the church/school.

    Let me know if you have further questions.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 6th Aug 2023, 11:58AM
  • Hi Roger,


    Many thanks for your reply, its really appreciated. 

    I didnt know about the census being carried out by the RIC constable, this is an interesting link as Catherines deceased husband had been in the RIC.

    I think my next move to locating the property or where it stood would be to obtain a 1901 map of the area.

    We will be visiting in September so finding the location would be interesting

    Kind regards





    Sunday 6th Aug 2023, 06:41PM
  • Brian,

    Perhaps someone at the Ballybunion Heritage Museum would be able to assist:…

    Good luck!


    Monday 7th Aug 2023, 12:43AM
  • Patricia,

    many thanks for the tip and the link, I will contact them,




    Thursday 10th Aug 2023, 08:49AM

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