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I'm trying to confirm some details of my ancestors to be found on the site, which focusses on the European settlement of the Monaro plains in southern New South Wales, Australia. I am not having much luck with but I understand records in this area may have been destroyed. Not sure if this has to do with the Rockites or not.

In particular I am chasing some local information about John Sheehy b. ~1798 (AKA John "Keane") transported 'for a political offence'  arriving in Sydney 1823-04-22 aboard the "Brampton". Petitions for his wife Honora to come out in 1828.

I think possibly this had to do with the following in reaction to the Rockites:

An Insurrection Act, with curfew at night and trial without jury, was proclaimed in the south-west counties and 1,500 Munster men were immediately arrested, more than 200 transported to the Penal Colonies and 36 executed in February, 1822, alone. But raids and ambushes continued. From

The timing fits quite well, and fits with my family's oral traditions.

In another case of serial migration two brothers follow with their familes, though perhaps looking at the dates they may have been younger cousins or nephews, came out with their families.

All from Ballylongford.

William Sheehy born 1808 aboard the "Hotspur" 1861-02-24.

Roger Sheehy born 1819 with his wife Catherine Graney (married about 1841) and 3 children on the "Herald" in 1845.

According to their parents were Patrick Sheehy and Rebecca Cronin.

I am descended from Roger Sheehy. His son Patrick Jospeh Sheehy was born in 1844 in Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick. The base for the Rockites two decades before. Patrick's youngest daughter Margaret was heard to claim Patrick Joseph "knew Banjo Paterson and was the Man from Snowy River."

thank you for any help of directions you might be able to provide, I hope the above helps fill out some of the Parish's diaspora details.


Sunday 6th Aug 2017, 11:46PM

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  • Dear Meika:

    Thanks for your post to the Ireland Reaching Out message board  I will copy your query to a few volunteers who might be able to help you.

    If you would like to create a profile for Patrick Joseph Sheehy on the XO Chronicles, that would be great.  It might also assist your research as many of our members read the Chronicles and they are updated weekly.  Patrick Joseph's life sounds very interesting and many of our members might be interested to read about it.

    The link to create a profile is below:

    The best of luck with your research. 

    Kind regards,


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Monday 7th Aug 2017, 05:09PM
  • Update and a question.

    I have found my Patrick [Joseph] Sheehy's baptism record in Duagh Parish, where the residence is listed as Scrahan townland. Details listed at and found at National Library of Ireland, Catholic Parish Registers at national Library of Ireland, Microfilm 04282 / 07 | Page 84,

    Subsequent to this, also in Duag Parish register, I found his parent's marriage entry at  Catholic Parish Registers at National Library of Ireland, online Duagh Microfilm 04282 / 07 page 145. Marriage 1840-01-22 in Duagh to Roger Sheehy to Catherine Graney. The celebrant was parish priest Timothius Harnett and the couple were described as from Trienearagh (Trian Iarthach) townland and witnesses listed were Patricius Graney, Emilia Curtin, and Ellena Graney.

    At the time of the Griffiths valutaion there is stil a Patrick Sheehy listed as tenant in Scrahan Townland. This may well be Roger's dad. May put all this on XO.

    My question is this, having scanned a lot of these parish registers.... burned and scuffed...

    Why are so many marriages taking place in late winter, January and particularly February? I mean it's a good time for a celebration, it does't cut into work time in a busy summer on the farm? Is it just practicalalities?

    PS, don't know if the Sheehy stayed much longer than WW1, two 30+ year old Sheehy sons are loving with their mother, classic Kerryman bachelor farmers... at the time of the last census before the WW1, and on the two of them appear to have a prison reccord in 1913, but I have yet to follow up this lead. Any thoughts shareable here for a Tasmanian cousin?







    Saturday 16th Mar 2019, 08:47AM
  • Dear Meika:  


    I'm glad to hear that you have made progress on your family research.  

    Your question about marriages occurring in January & February was due to the fact that the Church did not perform marriages during Lent.  Therefore, there tended to be a lot of marriages taking place before Lent began.  They also did not perform marriages during Advent.  

    You are probably aware that many of the Kerry records are also transcribed on the Irish Genealogy website under the "Church Records" tab.  This may help you with some of the names.  However, you should definitely look at the digitised scan of the register to be sure that the names are correct.

    Please be sure to add any ancestors to the XO Chronicles as so many of our members read them.  The link is

    The best of luck with your research and please let us know if you have any further questions.


    All the best,




    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Tuesday 19th Mar 2019, 01:05PM

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