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I live in Western Australia and will be visiting Ireland in June of this year (2023) and will arrive in Tralee on 9th June and depart 13 June. Whilst I am in Kerry I would like to visit if at all possible, the places my 2nd Great Grandparents Thomas COSTELLO and Elizabeth HUSSEY lived before they immigrated to Australia. I do know that Elizabeth came from Knockariddane, O'Brennan Parish but I am at a loss to know exactly where Thomas originally came from. I have dna links to some of Thomas's siblings, some moved to the USA and 2 brothers stayed in Ireland, they were Cornelius COSTELLO and Maurice COSTELLO (I have information linking Cornelius to my 3rd Grt Grandparents Robert COSTELLO and Johanna SAVAGE but not Maurice. I base the link to Maurice on dna matches to Maurices descendants that are the same as my matches to Thomas's other siblings. 

I have typed up and attached a summary of information I have on the Costello/Savage/Hussey/Roche families in the hope that someone can help me establish where exactly my family originated, to connect with family would be a wonderful bonus. 

Many thanks

Susan Petchell


Wednesday 15th Mar 2023, 01:57AM

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  • Hi Susan!

    If you have not done so already, could you complete this form regarding your trip to Ireland. Thanks!

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 15th Mar 2023, 02:55PM
  • Hello, I also have a Roche in my tree; Hannah Roche, 1817-1886. The only information I have been able to track down is a possible Protestant baptism, and her marriage to Richard Malloy. Happy to see if there is a familial connection!


    Thursday 16th Mar 2023, 01:48AM
  • Hi Roger,

    Thank you for replying.  I haven't as yet, but I will fill out the form. I am going to Belfast first as I have Gunning/Wightman/Moore ancestors from Co Antrim and I will then go down to Co Kerry to see where my Costello/Savage/Hussey/Roche ancestors came from. I have done a summary of the Kerry Families, which I have attached above and I will do one for the Antrim Families as well.

    Many thanks



    Friday 17th Mar 2023, 02:55AM
  • Hi GenXJoe

    I have not come across Hannah as yet, but I will keep her in mind whilst researching. My Roche's are from Knockariddane, O'Brennan Parish, Co Kerry and were Catholics. I have seen Roche's in my researching in Co Antrim though, who were Protestants, but not many.

    I have done dna with Ancestry and have uploaded to My Heritage as well.



    Friday 17th Mar 2023, 03:10AM
  • Hello from Tralee Susan.   Elizabeth Hussey was my 2nd Great Aunt and if you email me at I would be delighted to send you a  invitation to view my Ancestry Tree on    Kindest regards Jacintha 

    Jacintha Hussey Eustace

    Thursday 25th May 2023, 11:04AM
  • Hello Jacintha.

    Thank you for reaching out, I am so happy to make contact and will email you.

    Kindest regards



    Saturday 27th May 2023, 04:01AM

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