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Looking for ancestors of my great great grandparents. William Kelley and Honora Driscoll married 1835 in Tralee Parish. They had 3 children that I have found. Honora Kelley b.1842, Patrick D b. 1843 and Julia b. 1848. All were born in Tralee Parish. Julia and Patrick emigrated to the states and lived in St. Louis, Missouri. I can't find Honora but may be that she married a Morgan O'Connell as one of the sponsers was a Prindeville. 

Honora Driscoll was born in 1819 in Listowel to Patrick Driscoll and Julia Prindeville

William is an unknown.

We are traveling to Ireland in September 2023 and are going to visit Tralee. Would love any information as to where someone would be buried.


Friday 3rd Mar 2023, 09:22PM

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  • Mary Pat:

    I referred your message to a local volunteer. If you have not done so already, could you fill out this form regarding your Ireland trip? Thanks!

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 4th Mar 2023, 12:00AM
  • Wm. Kelly and Honora Driscoll's marriage record notes that they were living in Camp, which is on the Dingle Peninsula. (  Dingle will be a lovely place for you to explore when you get to Ireland.


    Saturday 4th Mar 2023, 12:54AM
  • In Griffith’s Valuation of  Kerry in 1852, the following Kelly and Driscoll heads of household were found.   Note that there were a Kelly and a Driscoll on Caher Anne Road.


    Kelly              James              The Square,                  Tralee     Kerry

    Kelly              Mary               Murphy's Lane                Tralee     Kerry

    Kelly              Michael            Denny St.                    Tralee     Kerry

    Kelly              Sarah              Morris' Lane                 Tralee     Kerry

    Kelly              William            Ballyvelly                   Tralee     Kerry

    Kelly              William            Caher Anne Road              Tralee     Kerry


    Driscoll           James              Ballynahoulort               Tralee     Kerry

    Driscoll           John               Lisloose                     Tralee     Kerry

    Driscoll           Patrick            Caher Anne Road              Tralee     Kerry

    Driscoll           Patrick            Lisloose                     Tralee     Kerry

    Driscoll           Timothy            The Mall,                    Tralee     Kerry


    Saturday 4th Mar 2023, 01:03AM
  • Found this child of William and


    KERRY (RC) , Parish/Church/Congregation - TRALEE

    Baptism of JOANNA O'KELLY of CLIHANE on 29 February 1840


    Name    JOANNA O'KELLY

    Date of Birth       29 February 1840 (BASED ON OTHER DATE INFORMATION)

    Address               CLIHANE [perhaps this is Cloghane, on the Dingle Peninsula)

    Father   WILLIAM O'KELLY


    Father Occupation           NR

    Sponsor 1            EDMUND O'KELLY

    Sponsor 2            CATHERINE O'KELLY

    Priest     REV. DENIS L. BROSBIE

    About the record

    Book Number     Page      Entry Number     Record_Identifier

    4             17           132        KY-RC-BA-467649


    Saturday 4th Mar 2023, 01:23AM
  • The 1865 marriage record for a Honora Kelly married to Morgan O'Connell gives her father's name as Jeremiah, not William, so I don't think this is your Honora.


    Saturday 4th Mar 2023, 01:31AM
  • Dear MaryPat, I am inclined to think that your ancestors were resident in the townland of Clahane, Annagh Civil parish (outskirts of Tralee) rather than Clahane on the Dingle Peninsula. Clahane & Ballyard are both in Annagh Civil Parish and quite near each other as is Ballyvelley (TRUGHANACMY Civil Parish) the birthplaces identified for the children of William Kelly & Honora Driscoll.

    If my suspicion is correct, that would give you 

    Julia 1838

    Joanna 1840

    Honora born 1842

    Patrick born 1843

    Margaret born 1845

    Julia 1848

    There is a William Kelly, tenant of Rev. Barry Denny abt. 1853 in Ballyvelly, TRUGHANACMY Civil Parish where their (probable) daughter Margaret was born in 1845. 

    In 1901 there is no Kelly family surname in Ballvelly, Tralee. 

    I cannot find a death cert that clearly identifies William or indeed a burial record. But in that time period burial records are patchy. I am very disappointed I cannot help you more.

    The next step is to gather the names of all the godparents to see if following them might help you more. See if any of them feature in records for the townlands named in the Kelly childrens' baptismal records.

    I hope your research is fruitful before your visit in Sept.

    Good luck

    Martine Brennan


    Martine, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 7th Mar 2023, 06:12PM
  • Martine:




    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 8th Mar 2023, 03:41PM
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don't know how I missed this info back in March. We leave in 7 days and I can't wait. Every little piece of information helps so much. I keeping thinking that once I find one more piece, I can stop hahahah. I have found genealogy to be very addictive..



    Saturday 26th Aug 2023, 11:47AM
  • Hi Mary Pat,

    I had a look at the information you posted above and agree with Martine that it looks like Honora and William moved around some of the townlands in Annagh Parish after their marriage.

    Hanora Driscoll was born in 1819 in Lisloose, Tralee not Listowel. Griffith's Valuation has William leasing land there in 1852.

    If I find anything else I will let you know. I hope you have a very enjoyable visit.

    Best Wishes,

    Joan Holland

    Joan Holland, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 11th Sep 2023, 07:03PM

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