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I'm from the Midwest of America, and my family is deeply involved in genealogy. That being said, the information we have on my dad's side is rather sparse. With the records we have access to we know we are from Kerry Co. My great (3x) grandfather came over in the 1840s, and I have a record of his siblings. I was doing google searches and came up with a result for a Marcella Carroll (nee McCarthy). In this post it says that her mother (my grandfather's sister) was born in Tralee, and the birth years, children and husband names all match up. Based on this information, I feel like it's safe to assume that my grandfather was also born here (if that data is correct).  His name was Thomas Somers, and was the child of Samuel Somers and Martha Nalon. Our records show that Marcella was married to a Flurry McCarthy, but that occurred in the states. 

I would greatly appreciate any help or information that you might have to share! 



Saturday 29th Jul 2023, 05:25AM

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  • Asomers:

    The Tralee RC and Church of Ireland records are on the free site    I did a search for any Marcella Somers records and there were no records close to 1831. Most of the Marcella Somers baptismal records were after 1850.

    I then did a search for any baptismal records in Co. Kerry where the father was Samuel Somers. In reviewing those records, there was no Thomas Somers baptismal records after 1800.

    If you have more information, let  me know.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 29th Jul 2023, 02:46PM
  • Asomers,

    I see that there are many Ancestry trees for Thomas and his three, sometimes four, siblings; but none of them have any birth records showing parents Samuel Somers and Mary Nalon. I searched the above mentioned database by Roger as well as the paid site RootsIreland for their marriage - searching Kerry and the entire country of Ireland, but found nothing. How certain are you that these are his parent's names?

    There is a family from Knockreagh in the RC parish of Lixnaw, which had seven children born between 1835 and 1858, and two of those children are named Thomas and Marcella. Marcella is not too common a name in Ireland. The others are Mary, Ellen, Elizabeth, another Elizabeth, and Eusebius. Although Thomas' BD of 14 Apr 1844 and Marcella's of 30 Jun 1858 are much later than the people you are looking for, they could possibly be related. The parents of these children are John Somers and Honora Stack. The 1852 Griffith's Valuation record for Knockreagh shows John, Edward and Thomas Summers.




    Saturday 29th Jul 2023, 04:58PM

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