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  • Perhaps post a message on the Kilcullen Facebook page at

    Maybe someone in the town can help you.


    Tuesday 25th Jul 2023, 04:15PM
  • The link to his birth record shows Christopher's parents were Kate Kavanagh and Thomas Doyle.  Ancestry shows a WWI pension record for a Thomas Doyle, as follows:

    Name:Thomas Doyle


    Birth Date:abt 1878

    Marriage Date:1 Nov 1906

    Marriage Place:Kilcullen 


    Document Year:1916

    Residence Place:Kilcullen Bridge, Kilcullen

    Regimental Number:25684

    Regiment Name:General Service Infantry

    Form Title:Short Service Attestation

    Number of Images:6


    Family Members:

    NameRelation to Soldier

    Thomas DoyleSelf (Head)

    Catherine KavanaghSpouse

    John DoyleChild

    Patrick DoyleChild

    Thomas DoyleChild

    Bridget DoyleChild

    Christopher DoyleChild


    Christopher's birth date is off by a couple of weeks.  That's not uncommon.  Perhaps this is Christopher's family?


    Tuesday 25th Jul 2023, 04:40PM
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    Hey There,

    Thanks so very much for this! Yes this definitely is my grand father Christopher Doyle's family. No the real challenge is to see if I have any relatives that are still alive!

    This a brilliant step forward, thanks again Patricia! Much Appreciated! 

    All the very best,


    Richard Green (Grandson of Irish Guard Christopher Doyle)

    Tuesday 25th Jul 2023, 06:54PM
  • Good luck with your search, Richard. Maybe you'll let us know how you make out?  


    Wednesday 26th Jul 2023, 12:30AM
  • Many thanks Patricia, I certainly will keep you in the loop! I have also contacted Kilcullen Town on Facebook so 🤞 they let me join the group! By the way my grandfather Christopher’s date of birth was confirmed as being 29/12/1915 by his military records.

    Thanks a million for all of your help,

    My very best wishes to you and yours.



    Richard Green (Grandson of Irish Guard Christopher Doyle)

    Wednesday 26th Jul 2023, 01:58PM

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