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Here is what I know:

  • William Hayden of Croan, Cpunty Kilkenny, married (circa 1740) Elizabeth Alley - my 6th great grandparents.
  • The obituary for Joseph Hayden, grandson of William & Elizabeth, notes that Elizabeth was: daughter of the Rev. Charles Ally, rector of Gowran and Castlecomer, in that county, and grand-daughter of the most Rev. Dr. Ally, Archbishop of York.
  • The History of Ireland by John D'Alton notes that Elizabeth was the granddaughter of the Most Rev. Doctor Alley, Archbishop of York, a divine, distinguished during the controversy of the Non-Jurors in William the Third's reign.  [William's reign was from 1689 to 1702]

I have not been able to track source records down for Charles or his father.  I do not find an "Alley" listed in the list of Archbishops of York so question that assertation.

I have seen one source listing her grandfather as Peter Alley.

Any source material on or insights into the Alley family would be most appreciated.

- Kurt


Monday 25th Sep 2023, 05:27PM

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  • Hi Kurt, I have Hayden's in my tree, however I have only managed to get back as far as about 1846, and am in Wexford with him. If when I manage to get back any further and I come across an family name Alley I will link in with you then. Best of Luck!


    Friday 10th Nov 2023, 05:02PM

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