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You have been a great help in the past now asking for more help.

My question is can anyone help me find more information on Mary Comerford referenced on the attached Cambridge Massachusetts death certificate.  As reflected on the certificate born about 1827, the daughter of Patrick Comerford and Mary Dowling.  I also discovered a marriage between James Ryan and a Mary Comerford at St John’s Kilkenny (Aug 1848), witnesses John Comerford and Mary Ruth? with residence of Maudlin St which is a recurring residence in 2x Gr Grandfather Edward’s records.

BACKGROUND: Traced 2x Gr Grandfather Edward Comerford (Oct 1814) and his brother John (May 1821) back to baptisms at St John’s Kilkenny, parents Patrick Comerford and Mary Dowling/Dooling my likely 3x Gr Grandparents.  Found two other children of Patrick Comerford and Mary Dowling baptized at St John’s those were Patrick (1809) and Bridget (Aug 1824).  Small family.

Mary is not a common given name in the Comerford branch of my tree.  The only one I discovered was 3x Gr Grandmother Mary Dowling.  However, a Mary Comerford has shown up in numerous events, connected to my 2x Gr Grandfather Edward Comerford, all at St John’s Kilkenny.  1) witness at Edward marriage to Alice Arkwright (Sep 1840).  2) sponsor at Edward and Alice first son Patrick’s baptism (Dec 1840) (short pregnancy).  3) sponsor at Edward and Alice daughter Bridget’s baptism (May 1854).    4) sponsor at Edward and Alice son Michael’s baptism (Jan 1859). 

As I was starting to do my research regarding John Comerford, the brother of my 2x Gr Grandfather Edward I came across a letter (Nov 1864) in his US Civil War records from a Mary Comerford looking for information after John’s wounding and capture.  No reference to family relationship in letter, actually uses the phrase “friends of John”.  Providing a return address of Mary Comerford care of Thomas Deady in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Researching Thomas Deady, he was married to a Bridget Comerford in 1862.  Bridget age on marriage certificate documented as 25.  If Bridget was Edwards’s sister baptized in 1824, she fudged her age by 13 years.  This is also when I found this death certificate for Mary (Comerford) Ryan.

Bill Comerford

Wednesday 23rd Nov 2022, 09:03PM

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    Wednesday 23rd Nov 2022, 10:00PM
  • Patricia,

    Not sure what I am doing wrong.  When I simply view the post I too see no attachment, 

    But when I select edit on my original post I can see the file, click on it and it opens,


    Bill Comerford

    Thursday 24th Nov 2022, 02:14PM
  • I have been researching my ancestors in Kilkenny too and was successful. I see a baptism of a Patrick, John, Edward & Bridget , parents Patrick Commerford & Mary Dowling . Possibly siblings of Mary Commerford?? Baptism was St Johns in Kilkenny.

    Kellys of Johnstown

    Sunday 18th Dec 2022, 11:14AM
  • Thank you. Yes that is what I am trying to figure out. Since there is a Mary Comerford many times as witness/sponsor in my 2x Great Grandfather Edward's records. More specifically trying to find her baptism record. Somewhere around 1827. Are there reasons it might not have been recorded? All the information I have regarding Mary, Edward, John, and Bridget is in the initial post of this thread. I don't believe it would help copying again here. Since I seem to be unable to figure out attaching a file I am copying the url from family search to her Cambridge, Massachusetts death certificate in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1893 at age 66 reflecting her parents as Patrick Commerford and Mary Dowling and place of birth Ireland. I have scoured the available St John's records on NLI (1830-1840 not there) and done various searches on roots ireland (I do not have subscription). I did find Mary Comerford's between 1815 and 1835, but none with those parents names. Again thank you for looking. I am at that point early 1800's where many say it becomes increasingly difficult. Bill

    Bill Comerford

    Monday 19th Dec 2022, 12:04AM
  • UPDATE: Maybe some of the handwriting experts can have a look on NLI. I think I may have found the baptism at St John's Kilkenny for my Mary Comerford on 16 Jan 1818. It is 8-9 years earlier than her USA death certificate in 1893 suggests, but that is not unusual for what I have found with my family from Ireland in USA. Father's surname appears very similar to sponsor surname which appears to me as Comerford with a fancy looping "d". My reading of the record is baby name Mary, parents Patrick Comerford and Mary Dooling, sponsors Thos Comerford and Judith Hill, residence unclear maybe ? John St. "findmypast" has it transcribed as surname "Conrey", but I don't see it.

    Bill Comerford

    Sunday 25th Dec 2022, 10:28PM
  • Bill, I misread your original post , for some reason I thought it was all information you found in Massachusetts. I re read your original post and understand now. Can I suggest if you have not already done to join the Irish Genealogy page on Facebook. There is genealogists on there and they are excellent especially when deciphering hand writing. The further you go back the less you will find. It only became legal to register BMD in 1865 so we are relying on scattered records from parishes. Large gaps in records like a book was lost. Frustrating. I think many a brick wall the people come to is their Irish ancestors. Link to page below and best wishes and happy new year Bill. Helen

    Kellys of Johnstown

    Monday 26th Dec 2022, 01:30PM
  • Helen, thank you. I am a member of that group and have already added. I am also on the IGP Kilkenny Genealogy facebook page. I'm patient with the holidays. I am still a novice (less than a year) at this and have focused for now on my namesake Comerford branch. I think I was lucky that my 2x Great Grandmother had an unusual name "Arkwright" in Ireland and was able to quickly identify St John's. But in my short time doing this I have already learned that I am at the point in the early 1800's where it becomes increasingly more difficult (impossible) in Ireland So many more branches to go in Limerick and Cork that I know of. This group in one of my earlier posts led me to my possible 3x Great Grandparents. You and the other groups have been extremely helpful and it is much appreciated. Bill

    Bill Comerford

    Tuesday 27th Dec 2022, 10:18PM

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