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The attached file is a summary of my research on my three times great grandmother Ellen (English) Cody. It lists her siblings and parents and shows how they sponsored baptisms or witnessed marriages or served as probate administrators in Illinois. It also indicates how they somewhat closely followed the traditional naming conventions one might expect.

If you are searching for married sisters Fewer, Cosgriff, Tobin, or Donohue of Beardstown, Illinois, then I can share some of my research.

I believe the Thomastown Catholic parish registers have baptisms for most of the siblings shown on the attached tree with parents listed as Thomas English & Margaret Martin, but there was no match for Ellen who I was specifically trying to find, perhaps due to some illegible pages I could not decipher. All Ireland Catholic Parish Registers 1655-1915 -- children of Thomas English & Margaret Martin (names confirmed by one daughter's burial record):


Mary English b: 1810 bap: 18 Jul 1810 Thomastown, f: Thomas English m: Marg Martin, sponsors John Donnelly & Marg Calvins?


Andrew English b: 1812 bap: 30 Jan 1812 Thomastown/Kilkenny, f: Thomas English m: Margaret Martin, sponsors: James Cahan & Cath. Donnelly


Edward English bap: 1 Dec 1813 Thomastown/Kilkenny [only 1 Kilkenny 1810-30] f: Thomas English m: Margaret Martin sponsors: Richard Deneefe and Honor Galvin


Margaret English b: 1816 bap: 12 Jan 1816 Thomastown, f: Thomas English, m: Margt Martin, sponsors: John Prendergast & Margt Donnelly 

Note: Margaret Fewer's sacramental death entry from St Alexius in Beardstown gives f: Thomas English m: Margaret Martin


Patt English b: 1820 bap: 2 mar 1820 Thomastown, f: Thos English, m: Mragt Mailey [illeg] 

sponsors: Thos. Power? And Ellen Tobin [of Ruppa]


Anistice “Ann” English b: 1822 bap: 8 Jul 1822 Thomastown f: Thos English m: Ellen ?? Martin sponsors Andrew Gallway & Jud Tobin [of Ruppa between Thomastown and Inistioge]


Ally English b: 1825 bap: 1 May 1825 Thomastown, f: Tom English m: Margt Martin, sponsors Pat Byrne & Marg Power [of Ruppa]


Catherine English b: 1827 bap: 25 Oct 1827 Thomastown, f: Thos English, m: Margt Martin, sponsors Jas Donnelly & Mary Denerfe [of Ruppa]


Hopefully this posting will help attract diaspora who would like to compare notes. 



Tuesday 23rd Feb 2021, 08:33PM

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  • Betsy:

    Thanks for sharing your family information. The subscription site Roots Ireland has an April 2 1818 baptismal record for an Ellen English same parents as above and sponsors Richard Tobin Mary Power

    I tried to look at the parish register for 1818 but as you I'm sure already discovered, the microfilm version is very faint.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 23rd Feb 2021, 09:29PM
  • Roger,

    I appreciate the record lookup and the date fits perfectly in the list of siblings I found. Glad there was another source of baptism records.

    I never thought I would learn this much about my ancestors and very pleased to make this leap to their origins in Thomastown which I visited in 2017. It did surprise me to learn they went to the same place in America. Gratifying to know that they lived the rest of their lives nearby each other. Beardstown is similar to Thomastown, both are market villages on a river. Must have seemed like home to them.

    Thanks for your kind assistance,



    Wednesday 24th Feb 2021, 03:14AM

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