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I am looking for the family of Robert Fraser/Frazer Somers and a record of Robert's birth if at all possible. A family bible identified Robert was born 21 Dec 1848. It is said Robert was born in Donaghmore.

One piece of information identify Robert's father as Brownrigg Somers however another identifies his father as Mortimer Somers. It may well be his name is Brownrigg Mortimer Somers or variations thereof.  On Robert's marriage to Phoebe Letitia Jackson of Roscrea on 29 Mar 1880, Robert's father was listed as a Hotel Keeper but there was no address given for his father.

Robert's mother was listed as Eliza Fraser. Tentatively Eliza was born about 1814 but to date no idea where she was born nor her family. It is said she died 12 May 1882 but once again the date only of her death was listed in the family bible and no location.

There was no record of Robert's father in the family bible.

Anythng that can help me knock down this apparent brickwall will be appreciated.

In eager anticipation





Wednesday 22nd Jan 2014, 04:23AM

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  • Hi,

    Thanks very much for your message. I hope that someone with information makes a connection with you and helps you to further your research.

    Given Robert?s year of birth you will not be able to get a birth record as civil registration did not begin until 1864. However, you may be able to find a baptism record in local parish records. Most Catholic records are held locally so you may need to write to the local parish priest for possible assistance. One website that you may find useful is the Irish Times where they give an overview of what records are available in specific parishes. It also shows you where copies of the records are available. Donaghmore in Laois is part of Rathdowney Catholic parish. For Rathdowney  parish, follow this link:

    You could also try: has a huge database of genealogical records including some church records for Ireland. have a large collection of Irish Church records, however you have to pay to use this site.

    Kind regards,

    Genealogy Support


    Tuesday 4th Mar 2014, 03:58PM
  • Is this your post Marie 


    Sunday 27th Jan 2019, 08:23PM
  • Hello,

    Yes its mesearching for Mortimer.



    Marie MARCHESE

    Monday 28th Jan 2019, 07:44AM
  • Hi Marie, Eliza Fraser was a sister to my Great Great grandmother Sophia Fraser, and they were all born in Dunacleggan, a farmland nr Donaghmore and next to the workhouse. It is now a ruin, but the garden wall still exists.

    What is your connection to Mortimer Brownrigg Somers. I have had contact from Jan Somers, Brisbane Australia, as her husband is a direct cousin of mine. 

    The Frasers were directly descended from the Frasers of Brae, in other words Lovat Frasers, whose history stretches back to the Stuarts, and Bruce families in Scotland, and as such connect to the current Royal Family. The family back in those days, had to keep quiet of their Royal connection, but now, it's ok to speak about it.

    I have written a history of the Fraser's, and if you would like to contact me, email me at




    Ivan Yates  

    ivan Yates

    Thursday 27th Oct 2022, 06:03PM

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