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Hello, good evening!

I was trying to find the marriage records of:

Patrick Southern/Sothern and Eliza Egan, fathers of mary Southern, born in 1784 in Rathdowney, Co, Laois

And any other information you can found about the Sothern family , in particular of Patrick

Tks in advance!


Diana O'Higgins

Saturday 24th Sep 2022, 06:48PM

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  • Diana,

    A check of Subscription Records - and did not show any Patrick Southern.

    I attach a record of the baptism of an Elizabeth Egan in Rathdowney in 1784. There are a number of "Egan's" in the parish

    and it is possible that Elizabeth Egan is local to Rathdowney parish.

    In regard to the surname "Sourthern", the earliest record I have found was in Geasehill, County Offaly in 1713, baptism of a 

    George Southern, Church of Ireland. His father recorded as Thomas Southern.



    Sunday 25th Sep 2022, 11:45AM
  • thank you so much!

    Diana O'Higgins

    Monday 26th Sep 2022, 12:57AM

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