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Hi Everyone,

I am descended from Thomas Budds and Catherine Treacy of Queens County (Laois). Their son Thomas Budds (County Coroner) built Timogue House in the early 1800s.

Much of the family moved to Australia in the 1830s.

I have a great deal of information about the family and would be interested in sharing with other descendants.

I would love to know if there is anything about the family left at Timogue House. (Family crest - or anything at all)




Friday 18th Jan 2013, 06:19AM

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    Hi Rosemary,


    Thank you for your message and your offer to share your information!


    With regards to information on the family at Timogue House, perhaps you could try contacting Irish Midlands Ancestry for assistance-however, a fee may apply for their services. Here are their contact details:

    Irish Midlands Heritage,

    Bury Quay,


    Co. Offaly.

    Phone: +353 (0) 57 9321421   Email:


    You could also perhaps try contacting the Laois County Library for help. Here is a link to the Local Studies Department?s web site. There is also some useful links listed on the page which you may find helpful.


    Once again thanks very much for your message.


    Kind regards,


    Genealogy Support



    Emma Carty

    Tuesday 19th Mar 2013, 11:54AM
  • Hi Rosemary,

    I'm descended from Richard Treacy from Belmont, Kilkenny, who according to the diary of my Great grandfather x3, was one of 5 children.

    The diary then notes 1st brother, Andrew, who lived with Richard at Belmont and died unmarried, buried in the family burial place in Castlecomer.

    2nd brother, William, residing in Leighlin Bridge.

    3rd brother, John, of Brigadie House, County Antrim.

    His only sister is noted as Charlotte, who married Thomas Budds of Timogue, Queen's County.

    The diary also says that they are lineal descendants of James Treacy of Dublin, Earl of Rathecool. I haven't been able to verify this at all.

    I would love to share information with you, and compare notes. My Great x3 Grandmother, Sarah Henry (nee Treacy), died enroute to Australia in 1851, along with her youngest baby Andrew. (The diary describes their journey) Her sisters Harriet, Lucy and Emma also died in Victoria, Australia. Their only brother, William, remained in Ireland.




    Tuesday 18th Feb 2014, 09:13AM
  • Hi Kerrie,

    How lucky for you to have the diary of your g3 grandfather. What a treasure that is! I would love to swap notes with you and work out this puzzle.

    Thomas Budds (the first one) married Catherine Treacey. Their son Thomas Budds the 2nd (The Coroner) married Charlotte Little in 1819. See the marriage settlement deed at this website: McC

    The Budds and Treacey families intermarried in several places though, so I am not discounting anything you might have information on.

    The names are brilliant as Thomas and Cath Treacey had children: Thomas, Richard, Andrew, William and  John as well as several girls.

    Is it possible, as you are talking about a diary, that he got the names mixed up and mistakenly referred to Catherine as Charlotte? I have not been able to verify my Catherine Treacey's birth so I am thinking if the years are right then this might fit.

    I will send you my email so we can go into this further.

    Kind Regards




    Wednesday 19th Feb 2014, 12:26AM
  • Hi Kerrie,

    I would like to get more information on the Treacys of Castlecomer as described in John Stephenson Henry's diary. I have drawn up genealogies for William of Leighlin Bridge and John of Brigadie House and I would like to try and do a genealogy to combine them all.

    I can be contacted at





    Dec Tracey

    Wednesday 13th Apr 2016, 11:02AM
  • I have now collected a great deat of information about the family of Thomas Budds eldest daughter Annie. Annie married Nicholas Hovendon. The Hovendon's lived in Stradbally. I will post another comment there.


    Tuesday 22nd Jun 2021, 02:03AM
  • Hi

    I'd be very interested in any more information you have about Thomas Budds. I have the same surname (Budds), but I don't know if there's a family link.





    Thursday 6th Jan 2022, 09:43PM
  • Hi Tim Budds,

    Thomas Budds of Timogue had a large family and several descendants moved around the globe. A few of his children stayed in Ireland and so there would be descendants there also. I have a public "BUDDS" tree on ancestry that you can look at if you are on there. See this page -

    This is the first generation and their spouses:-

    1. Annie Budds m. Nicholas Hovendon of Stradbally - death not found - I have written about their family see Rosemary Rope - Hovendon Family
    2. Catherine Budds - died young in Laois
    3. Elizabeth Budds m. Louis Griffith - died Canada
    4. Mary Budds m. John Payne - died Australia
    5. Thomas Budds Esq. (Queens County Coroner) m. Lady Charlotte Little - died Dublin
    6. William Budds Esq. m. Ann Calcott - died Victoria, Australia
    7. Margaret Budds m. John Colclough - died Victoria, Australia
    8. John Budds m. Johanna - died Mountmellick, Laois
    9. Rev. Richard Budds m. Elizabeth Eager - died Laois
    10. Rebecca Budds m.James O'Neill - died Belfast, Ireland
    11. Andrew Budds m. Elizabeth Morrison - died Victoria, Australia
    12. Catherine Budds m. John Treacy Esq. - died Victoria Australia

    If you think you may be connected to any of these lines please let me know. You can email me here:





    Sunday 6th Mar 2022, 06:08AM

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