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Looking for anyone with knowledge of the Lynch and Gilhooly families from Gubaderry, County Leitrim.

I’ve been researching my great grandfather, Patrick M. Lynch, born in Ireland in 1851. Unfortunately, he falls into the missing years for birth and census records, so I’ve been unable to find any Irish records. I’ve found US death record for Patrick and three siblings who emigrated to the United States, listing parents as Denis Lynch and Susan Gilhooly.

  • Margaret Lynch Mulvihill, born 1849 in Ireland, died 1923 in Brooklyn, NY
  • Patrick M. Lynch, born 1851 in Ireland, died 1901 in Jersey City, NJ
  • John Lynch, born 1858 in Ireland, died 1931 in New Jersey
  • Mary Lynch Goeller, born 1871 in Ireland, died 1930 in Brooklyn, NY. (Mother listed as Mary, which may be incorrect)

I’ve found the following Irish records:

  • Manorhamilton marriage banns for Denis Lynch and Judith Gilhooley, Oct. 26, 1843.
  • Killargue Baptismal record for Susana Lynch of Denis and Judy Gilhooly, April 26, 1853
  • Killargue Baptismal record for Mary Lynch of Denis and Judith Gilhooly, August 14, 1857
  • Killargue Baptismal record for Denis Lynch of Denis and Judith Gilhooly, April 8, 1860
  • Dromahaire Civil Reg. for Anne Lynch of Denis and Susan Gilhooly, March 27, 1867
  • Killargue Baptismal record for Anne Lynch of Denis and Judy Gilhooly, March 27, 1867
  • Family Search Index record for christening of Anne Lynch of Denis and Susan Gilhooly,
    March 29, 1867
  • Killargue Death record for Anne Lynch of Dennis Lynch (no mother listed), March 15, 1869

I read that the name Síban (Siobhán in modern Irish) was anglicized to Susan or Judith in the north of Ireland but to Susanna, Julia, Jude and Nonie in the south and west.

An 1857 Griffith Valuation record lists Denis Lynch in Gubaderry with neighbors John Gilhooly and Margaret Gilhooly all listed as tenants of Hugh L. Montgomery. Unfortunately, these records don’t list other family members.  I’ve found an 1889 death record for Denis Lynch from Gubaderry, with wife Susan present at death.  A 1901 census has widow Susannah Lynch and son Denis living in Sligo. A 1903 death record for Susanna at the same address as the death record lists her son Denis as present at death. A few months following Susannah’s death, I found an Ellis Island record listing Denis Lynch from Sligo emigrating to the US, listing a cousin, Mrs. Goeller, as his contact. Travelling with Denis on the same ship is Thomas Gilhooly, who also listed Mrs. Goeller as his cousin. Denis died just 3 years after arriving in the US and his death record lists his parents as Denis Lynch and Susanne Gilhooly.  

I know Irish naming conventions result in many relatives with the same name. Is it possible that Patrick Lynch and Denis Lynch could be just cousins with both parents named Susan(nah) Gilhooly and Denis Lynch or are they brothers with the above listed siblings? Any help in deciphering this family connection and any suggestions for where Denis and Susan/Judy may be buried would be greatly appreciated.

Maureen Frazer

Tuesday 6th Sep 2022, 12:07AM

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  • Maureen:

    I would think that Patrick Lynch and Denis Lynch were brothers.

    Regarding Mary Lynch, you have records showing Mary was born in 1857 yet your overview shows 1871. Later you indicated that Mrs. Goeller (Mary Lynch) was a cousin to Denis Lynch. Were there two different Mary Lynch individuals who were cousins?

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 6th Sep 2022, 03:39PM
  • Thank you for your response, Roger. The question of Mary’s birth is a puzzle. The baptismal record from 1857 is the only source I’ve found that lists the correct parents. The 1871 birth date was gleaned from a 1900 US census records. I know from documentation provided by the husband of Patrick’s youngest sister, Agnes, that Mary Goeller is Patrick’s sister, but the dates remain questionable. An 1896 birth record for Mary’s son lists her age at the time as 30 years old. Doing the math, that would make her year of birth 1866. Her given name at birth was Maria, as reflected in these three records, but later records list her as Mary. Her Brooklyn, New York death record dated Feb. 1930 lists her name as Mary and her age as 59. She is buried with her husband and brother, Dennis, who initiated my original question. I suspect that the Ellis Island record where Mary is listed as Dennis’ cousin may be an error.  I guess I have some more digging to do. I wish I could find some record that lists Denis and Susan with all of their children in one place.

    Maureen Frazer

    Thursday 8th Sep 2022, 04:05PM

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