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Seeking any information on family of gg Grandmother ELIZA (KELLY) CUSHING (b abt 1820)– Rockhill, County Limerick.   

She married John Cushing/Cushin about 1843 in Rockhill or Bruree. 

Emigrated to Troy,  NY

Her mother: Elizabeth Russell   

Her father  William Kelly   

sisters Ellen and Catherine Kelly

Thanks in advance


Friday 24th Nov 2023, 06:49PM

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  • Seeg,

    Roots Ireland shows John Cussen married Elizabeth Kelly on 6 Apr 1842, RC parish Rockhill & Bruree, no parents names were listed, sponsors - Nicholas Maher & Maria O'Keeffe.



    Saturday 25th Nov 2023, 04:15AM
  • In 1800 there was a Cussen family living in Rockhill Parish exactly adjacent to the Roman Catholic Church where it now stands. This family were described as ''landlords in a small way '' I understand that they had three tennants. It is strongly believed locally that Laurence Cussen took part in the Whiteboy disturbances in Churchtown in the early 1800's. I was always certain that they were a Church of Ireland family but that may not be the case my reference for this was that in the early 1800's Laurence Cussen did road repairs for the County Limerick Jury which at that time was the privilage of the Landlord class. However shortly after the 1820's  he disappeared off the Grand Jury scene but that may be because he no longer had the tennants to do the work. However I note that in the 1880's there was a Laurence Cussen from Rockhill surveying the new Mouri Lands in New Zealand for the British Government who had taken these lands and were distributing it to English settlers.                                                                                                                            That being said there is at present a Cussen Family living in Rockhill on lands adjacent to the lands owned by Laurence Cussen of the 1820's and while it is very difficult to imagine that they were not part of the same family they not. The family of the present Cussen Family is in Bruree Graveyard on the grounds of the still standing Protestant Church but on examination of the grave stones there is nothing to prove the connection. There have been several Catholic priests from this family down the years ( two at present serving) and there are also families in the Parish of Ardagh and Athlacca down from this family.


    I have something on the Russell family who also lived in the Parish of Rockhill and were landed people.

    Quain, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 25th Nov 2023, 02:40PM
  • Quain,

    I had come across Laurence Cussen before and not able to come up with any connections.

    Was not aware of any current Cussens in the area. Any suggestions on how to reach out to them to see if they know of any connections to those who emigrated





    Monday 27th Nov 2023, 03:38AM
  • Hi Seeg

    I called to them several years ago but they were really no help----my idea was that I might be able to connect then to the family of Laurence Cussen but no joy there so then I went to the graveyard but I could make no connection.

    Perhaps if you e/mail me direct I will send you what I have on my file for the Cussens---as I said their are several Cussen families about and many are connected to the Rockhill family but their appears to be others that are not.

    Then Cussens originally hailed from a place called Farriry Kildollery Co. Cork and they had a castle on the site of Elizabeth Bowen house all of which are now gone.

    Quain, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 4th Dec 2023, 01:57PM

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