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My Cousins and I are researching our 3x ggp Patrick Molony and Mary O'Neill (1818-1905). 

  • Patrick and Mary were married in Monagea, Limerick, Ireland on 23 Apr 1838. We have the marriage record, witnessed by Patrick Maloney and James Neill.
  • The baptismal records we have located in Shanagolden include: Michael (1843) (God parents: Michael Molony, Maria Emightll) , Patrick (1846-1927, my 2x ggf)(Godparents Thomas and Bridget Molony), Catherine (1848-) (Godparents: Corneilis Downey and Maria Molony) and James (1855-1913, my 3rd cousin's ggf who I am in touch with).  Note: we find it very strange that they did not start having children until 5 years after their wedding. (of course their could have been lost babies in that time).

Mary O'Neill emigrated to the US in 1854 - when she was pregnant with James and is located in censuses from 1855 in the Albany NY area until her death. James is born in the US.

There is no sign of Patrick Sr. near Mary or even in the US.  There are soo many Patrick Molonys in Ireland at this time, cannot distinguish between them.

Patrick Jr. emigrates near the same area, to Troy NY in appr. 1870 per the 1900 Census. I have not located a naturalization document for him. 

The cousins and I would love to figure out who Patrick and Mary's parents were.

We would also love to know where Patrick Sr. was from 1854 to his death, where ever that might have been.

Please let us know if you have any thoughts on directions we should search in!  There are 3 of us actively involved. 

Thank you for reading my lengthy post.  I will be visiting Ireland next July.

Best- Cathleen

Cathleen H

Wednesday 8th Nov 2023, 01:31AM

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  • If this is your Mary Maloney in the 1875 NYS census:…

    It says she was a widow.


    About Patrick...sometimes a man emigrated first and his wife and children followed.


    Thursday 9th Nov 2023, 08:31PM
  • Hello Cathleen

    I have been reading you and your cousins storyline here concerning your 3 * gt grandparents. I wonder are you sure that the start of your search is correct ie Patrick and Mary from Monagea?

    There is so many Molony's around here at this time and in Shanagolden but in no way related and the list of Godparents doesn't tie up as i would have thought.

    i note your comment about the 5 year child birth gap and tend to agree with you although if they were moving about from one townland to another, this may be the reason.

    However before I go meddling with your information, perhaps you would be good enough to let me know what you have that is absolutely a certainty.


    Jennifer Jean,

    Volunteer - Limerick e-mail:-


    Killeedy1 Limerick, Volunteer Ireland Reaching Out ☘️

    Thursday 18th Jan 2024, 04:50PM
  • `Hi Cathleen, I wonder if you saw my email concerning your story and your pending visit in July 2024?

    I would be very happy to investigate some of your information above but I need at least one or two things -events-people that you have evidence to prove that we are starting from a definite position - if you follow my thinking. The names are so popular.

    Please let me know

    Jennifer Jean  e mail:- killeeny1@irelandxo

    Killeedy1 Limerick, Volunteer Ireland Reaching Out ☘️

    Saturday 16th Mar 2024, 10:45PM

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