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My Manning branch is the one branch I might still have second cousins living in Ireland.  My grandfather visited two of his siblings John in Ballynorth and Johanna Scanlon in Ballyhahill in the early 1970’s.  This post is mostly about trying to find help to confirm my great grandmother Hanora Dillane background.

Great grandparents Patrick Manning and Anne (Hanorah) Dillane married 30 Nov, 1899 at the RC Church of Shanagolden, District of Shanagolden, Union of Rathkeale.  Patrick labourer, residence listed as Ballyane, Shanagolden and father Joseph.  Anne servant, residence listed as Waterpark, Shanagolden and father Edward.  Witnesses Daniel Trehy and Mary Dillane.

Great grandfather Patrick DOB 21 Jan 1871 to Joseph Manning and Hanora Reidy or Riedy.  Residence listed as Shanid.  District of Shanagolden, Union of Glin.  (Union of Glin was dissolved in 1891?).  Patrick was baptized 3 Feb 1871 RC Church of Shanagolden.  Sponsors were Thomas Fitzgerald and Brigida Sullivan.  I believe I found the correct Patrick Manning death, 31 May 1937 in the Newcastle county home.

Great grandmother Hanorah Dillane is the one I am looking for a direct connection to her baptism/birth.  The few clues I have from marriage registration occupation servant, residence Waterpark Shanagolden, fathers name Edward, wedding witness Mary Dillane, age listed as 26 in 1901 census and 40 in the 1911 census.  Both census’ reflect County Limerick as “Where Born”.  Anne Manning 56, death 6 Feb 1933.  Ballyane, District of Shanagolden, Union of Rathkeale.   Informant Patrick Manning.

First challenge was figuring out the residence on marriage registration – Waterpark, Shanagolden.  Since she was a servant presumed this was the “Waterpark House” in Lower Shanid.  Neighboring townland to Ballyane and maybe coincidently, owned by the same “Nolan” family as “Ballyane House”.  But doesn’t help me find her home townland.

Without the RC Shanagolden baptism records of her children to possibly give me more clues from the sponsors, I am lost at where to look next.  Other than research multiple Hanorah Dillane (with variants), father Edward born likely in the 1870s.  Might there be employment or servant records of any kind from Waterpark House?

Patrick and Hanorah children.  My maternal grandfather William Manning, DOB 28 March 1905, parents Pat Manning and Hanorah Dillane.  William came to Massachusetts, USA in 1929 and died here in 1983.

Link is to my grandfather William’s civil birth registration

Registrar’s District of Shanagolden, Union of Rathkeale.  His place of birth and residence reflects Briscaugh (Briskagh), while all his sibling’s civil registrations show POB and residence of Ballyan - Registrar’s District of Shanagolden, Union of Rathkeale.  In 1901 and 1911 census family is at house number 3 and then number 4 Ballyane (Shanid, Limerick).  I presume my grandfather William may have been born while his mother was visiting in-laws in the neighboring townland of Briskagh.  My great grandfather Patrick’s older brother James and family lived in Briskagh, found in both the 1901 and 1911 census

I found all of William’s siblings civil birth registrations all have POB and residence as Ballyan, Registrar’s District of Shanagolden, Union of Rathkeale.  Interesting that when father reported births mother listed as Anne, when mother reported births herself, mother listed as Hanorah.  I also found some marriage and death registrations, but I understand more difficult since more recent.

John – 3 Jun 1900; Mary – 18 Aug 1901; Joseph 26 Nov 1902; Edward 28 Dec 1903; my grandfather William 28 Mar 1905; Nora and Johanna 31 Oct 1907; Ellen 29 Dec 1809; Patt 9 Jul 1911, and Kate 11 Nov 1916.

The only children I have found nothing, but birth registration is Joseph and family story he was lost at sea, no other information of when ,where, etc.

More questions on Thank you for any assistance you can offer.

Bill Comerford

Friday 19th May 2023, 04:20AM

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  • Bill:

    I searched on the subscription site Roots Ireland and found a February 8 1871 baptismal record in the Templeglantine RC parish. The record was for a Honora Dillane. Her father was Edmond Dillane and mother Hana Doody. The family lived in Sugarhill townland in Monagay civil parish. 

    Monagay civil parish would be south of Shanagolden parish. It is very possible that Honora would have emigrated north for her employment opportunity. I don't see Edmond rather than Edward to be a problem.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 19th May 2023, 02:08PM
  • Roger thank you.

    I researched that Honora Dillane Sugar Hill, Templeglantine thinking I had found my great grandmother and spent a lot of hours collecting all the details I could find for her parents, siblings, even a set of twins like she had and then happened across a marriage 19 Feb 1898 Hanora Dillane, SugarHill, Templeglantine to Michael Donohoe.  Father listed as “Ned”.  Profession is blank.  Condition is spinster.

    Even though Limerick would not be her county of birth as reflected in the 1901 and 1911 census another advisor had proposed a Honora Dillane baptized Duagh, Listowel, Kerry.  Residence Knockalougha.  Birth 15 Apr 1874.  Father Edmond Dillane mother Mary Dillane.  Might her marriage witness Mary Dillane have been her mother?  I have not found a sibling Mary for the Duagh Honora

    While I’m still fairly new to this research going down a rabbit hole can be frustrating and I was trying to avoid doing deep research on more Hanora Dillane’s and variants, father named Edward with variants, born in the 1870s.  Without the positive connection it appears for this ancestor it is more about figuring out who it isn’t.  I wish the church records were available to possibly provide more clues.  It seemed a lot easier with my Kilkenny City Comerford's.

    Again, thank you for all you do.  I might need to address my bucket list travel to Ireland and include the RC church at Shanagolden on my trip.


    Bill Comerford

    Saturday 20th May 2023, 03:20AM
  • Bill:

    I have another possibility which you may have already pursued. The 1899 marriage record indicates that Edward Dillane was a labourer. I looked for all Edward/Edmond/Edmund Dillanes in the 1901 census in Co. Limerick. I found another Edward Dillane in the townland of Rathnaneane again in Monagay civil parish.

    This Edward's wife was Johanna. You will also note that there was a niece born in Co. Kerry which means that this Edward's brother was living in Kerry.

    Farm labourers or general labourers did move around a lot.

    I did find a May 14 1871 baptismal record for a Johanna Dillane with father Edward and mother Johanna Gibbon. The RC parish was Dromcolliher and Broadford.



    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 20th May 2023, 01:53PM
  • Roger,

    I very much appreciate all the brainstorming assistance and the Ireland/Irish insight provided by these interactions.  Google maps also helps a lot.

    I am not sure how the 1871 Johanna birth registration helps.  My Hanorah's marriage, death, and her children's birth registrations all identify her as either Anne or Hanorah.  I did see in "find my past" Johanna's parents Edmund and Johanna also had a daughter Maria born in 1878.  So probably worth the effort for me to review the 1870-1879 baptisms on NLI and see what else I find as to other children.

    I did just notice that Hanorah's first born daughter was named Mary, which was also the given name of one of the witnesses "Mary Dillane" at Hanorah's marriage.  My Comerford line repeated a lot of generational names.

    But I think without more definitive clues I would be guessing or at best eliminating possibilities.  Which may be what I have to do.  As I suggested previously the only resources I know of that might give me additional clues are Hanorah's children's baptisms.  If any of her family happen to be sponsors or here marriage if not married in her home parish.  But none of those from this recent are available online yet.  Might the household she was a servant in have any kind of records on the servants?

    I did have a separate question regarding my Manning family.  Should I start another thread?

    One of have Pat Manning and Hanorah's sons Joseph, DOB 26 Nov 1902 the family rumor is he died at sea.  That is the only information I have.  I have no dates, places, reasons he was at sea, just that tidbit of a family story.

    Again thank you and all the other volunteers for what you do.

    Bill Comerford

    Monday 22nd May 2023, 05:35PM
  • Bill:

    If he died 1921 or earlier then Joseph would have been a British citizen. I looked at the British National Archives site   and they indicate the death would have been recorded in the Irish registration office if it was reported by the ship's captain. There are no records that I could find in the Irish GRO so it appears his death was not recorded. 


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 23rd May 2023, 02:26PM
  • Roger,

    Thank you I wish I had more clues for Joseph.

    I have found four Hanorah (with some variations) Dillane with father named Edward (with some variations) born between 1862 and 1882 from Limerick and Kerry to research.  Won't prove my great grandmother, but should eliminate some possibilities until maybe additional clues come up from RC records.

    The times late 1800's early 1900s I am looking can be challenging on the non-subscription sites or just availability for legal or other reasons.

    The volunteers at Ireland XO have been very helpful on my Kilkenny Comerford and Limerick Manning research and I'm sure I will be back.  Saving my maternal grandmother Rural Cork Murphy (lol) her mother name McCarthy (lol) for last.

    Again thank you.

    Bill Comerford

    Wednesday 24th May 2023, 04:51PM

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