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We've always understood we/our (1) Peter Coyle (and his son (2) Peter Coyle) came from County Donegal, but in more recent years our research indicated that Peter's (1) wife smay have had the surname of Cavan.  We wondered whether she came from County Cavan.  In May, we visited County Donegal in search of our Peter Coyle, stopped in Cavan, and drove down to Clonakilty in search of our Hagerty's (our paternal grandmother)(but, we didn't know until now that we are from County Longford).  Last week, we found a June 17, 1858 New York Emigrant Savings Bank entry and found that our Peter (1) comes from "Abby," County Longford.  He was born in approx. 1796, and we understood he emigrated to the U.S. at age 50 in approx. 1846.  He lived in Manhattan, N.Y. for the rest of his life.  The Savings Bank entry says that his father was Peter Coyle and his mother was Bridget Dormody/Darmody (both already deceased in 1858).  Our Catherine is listed as Cathering Gaffney (not Cavan); her father's name was Tom Gaffney, and her mother's name looks like Peggyy McCable (or McCabe).  Catherine's mother and father were also deceased as of 1858.  We also see that not only did Peter (2) have a sister Ellen (born in New York, U.S.), but he also had a brother Tom/Thomas.  So, now we know there were 3 generations of Peter Coyle's who were born in Ireland.  We assume all 3 generations of Peter Coyle were from Abby, County Longford.  The Coyle's were Roman Catholic.  The youngest Peter (2) was my grandfather Daniel's father, and my father was John Henry Coyle.  If you have any suggestions on how I could verify Peter Coyle's (1) birth date, or where I could obtain any information on our County Longford Peter Coyle's, I would really appreciate it.  Thank you.

Helen Coyle Haskins, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.


Sunday 3rd Nov 2013, 12:58AM

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  • Hi Helen,

    I didn't have any luck finding your people on

    There are 4 baptism records of Catherine Gaffneys with father Thomas (mother not McCabe though) 1790 + - 20 years: Dublin 1775 & 1778, Westmeath 1789 & Kilkenny 1796. 

    There are 4 baptism records of Peter Coyle 1790 + - 20 years: 1785 Dublin, 1782 & 1795 Cavan & 1807 Donegal

    There are 430 Coyles in Longford in the Tithe Applotments 1823-37 - which are free to search online - including 2 Peters so why they don't show up on rootsireland records is a frustrating mystery!




    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 3rd Nov 2013, 03:05AM
  • Thank you very much.  I just picked this up, after someone suggested that I look at this site (again).  My guess is that the 1795 Cavan Peter Coyle is the most likely person, from the above, to be our Peter Coyle.  Abbeyalra/Granard is very close to County Cavan.

    I''ve since found out that Gaffney is a common name in County Cavan; and McCabe is an Abbeylara name in County Longford.  Several Peter Coyle's can be found in County Cavan.  

    There is a Michael Gaffney from Granard, Co. Longford who emigrated to the US in 1797.  Granard is the main town close to Abbeylara, so I'm told it is quite possible that Michael Gaffney and Thomas Gaffney (DOB: 1809 Catherine Gaffney Coyle's father) may have been related. 

    I've also been told that Catherine Gaffney and Peter Coyle are most likely from north (County) Longford, given these surnames.


    Saturday 29th Mar 2014, 09:37PM
  • My Grandmothers cousin came to visit in 1982. His name was Tommy Kiernan "Big Dan"  he owned the Granada Ballroom in Granard. This was the start of renewed relationships with my Grandmothers family.  Her grandmother on Fathers side was Julia McCabe from Aghnagarron which is in Abbeylara parish,  Also the reason Tommy was in NYC was because he was on his way to Gaffney South Carolina for whom which the town was named after Gaffney from Granard. 

    Danny Sheridan

    Monday 17th Aug 2015, 12:49AM
  • Hello

    I am looking for several Coyle's starting from 1872 of my great-grandfather Patrick Coyle who married an Ellie (?) and then and Ellen McCabe. There are several children from the union's. I also did a 23 and Me test and a Peter Coyle came up as a 3rd cousin match.  I sent him a message but he did not respond. Not sure if there is a connection here or not. 




    Wednesday 7th Feb 2018, 05:49AM
  • Danny

    I just realized my grand aunt Bridget Coyle married a Sheridan and her mom's name was Ellie McCabe not Ellen. They lived at House 13 Springtown, Abbeylara, Longford, Ireland. Bridget and many of the siblings moved to the US in the tri state areas. 



    Wednesday 21st Feb 2018, 11:17PM

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