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I have an 1831 burial record for Edward Mearly in Newtowncashel R. C. parish records that seems to read "Gulphire" as his residence.  Find My Past has indexed the record as "Gulphire".  I have used various sources and found no place name even vaguely matching that place.  Hoping someone can help identify! 


The Mearl(e)y family lived in County Longford (Cashel, Ballagh, Ballyrevagh, Corrool Brennan area). I will be visiting the area in October and would like to find all these places.


The burial record at NLI (copy attached) is on the right side of the page (baptisms are on the left).

Cashel | Microfilm 09359 / 04, Page 4; Apr. 1831 to Dec. 1831


Thanks for any help!

Pat Petrizzo

Florida, USA



Wednesday 21st Sep 2022, 07:45PM

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  • Hi Pat,

    I'm quite sure it's not 'Gulphire' I live not to far from Cashel and when I'm in the area I will make some enquiries and get back to you if you have not already solved your query. Can you provide the names of any other family members of that time so we can possibly help broaden the search? For the moment I've attached a link to the townlands of Cashel, which you may find helpful.




    PaulM, Longford Volunteer ☘️

    Wednesday 21st Sep 2022, 10:24PM
  • Pat/Paul:

    Possibly the place is Elfeet.

    Pat: If you have not done so already, could you add your trip to this form. Thanks!

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 21st Sep 2022, 11:07PM

    Roger is correct.


    The place is recorded as 'Eulphide' in the burial records.


    However, the standardised Ordnance Survey spelling of the Townland in Newtowncashel RC Parish is 'Elfeet (Adamson)' or 'Elfeet (Burke)'.


    Hoping this clarifies,

    David Leahy, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Sunday 25th Sep 2022, 10:22PM
  • To all,


    Thank you!  Elfeet makes sense as it is close to the other Mearley townlands as well as a Cunningham family who has ties to them. I never would have gotten Elfeet from that document!


    Yes, I will post my trip at the Ireland XO Meet and Greet.


    Thanks to all, looking forward to exploring Newtowncashel!




    Friday 30th Sep 2022, 06:24PM
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    Joan Peterman

    Wednesday 16th Nov 2022, 09:53AM
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    Hi all!

    Recently returned from my trip and it was wonderful!  David Leahy showed me around the Newtowncashel area and also did his own research on the Mearly family (lots of info!).  He went above and beyond to decipher a barely legible tombstone we discovered in the Mearly family plot that I had never seen before.  This provided further evidence that Patrick Mearly's wife was a Mulholland!


    Posting a few photos.  The church was impressive and the cemetery on a hill overlooking Lough Ree...very peaceful!


    Thursday 17th Nov 2022, 07:36PM

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