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My grandfather, Thomas McCarthy (1875-1943) was born in the Leitrim Townland of Granard. I know my people lived in the Leitrim Townland since at least 1834 (my GG-Grandfather and family are listed in the 1834 census). My G-Grandfather, Robert McCarthy (1828-1909) is listed in the 1901 census as living in house #3, which was next to house #2, a public house owned by Thomas Monaghan, and house #4 owned by Bridget Dawson. In 1911, my Great Uncle, Robert McCarthy (1865-1931) got the house and is listed in the 1911 census as living in house #17, which was next to house #16, a public house owned by James Monaghan, and house #18 owned by Francis Brown. I surmise it is the same house, just different numbers. Does anyone know where the listed houses are located? Or how I can I find out? My Great-Uncle's wife, Mary, died in 1941, and they had no children (they married in their forties), and I have no idea what happened to the house. Many thanks for your help!  -Thomas McCarthy




Friday 13th May 2022, 08:09AM

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  • Why not email a query to the Longford Leader?   Hopefully someone will be able to assist you.


    The house nos. in the census were actually not house nos.--they indicated the order of visitation by the enumerator.


    Friday 13th May 2022, 03:42PM
  • Thogjr,   Are you familiar with Griffiths Valuation?
    It's not the easiest sites to navigate so I have done it for you.
    This is the map where the house is. When you open the link. you will see a circle, inside that is an oblong in red. If you zoom in slow to the right hand side of the oblong there is a small grey patch.
    This is Granard.   It's just above the "R" on the word Granard. Go slow until you see Main Street, at the cross road, see the road going north, then you come to New Street, look left and you will see Plot 6.
    Griffiths Valuation says this is where McCarthy is listed, in Leitrim, Granard.  There is a Thomas McCarthy in another townland called Killinawas, Granard. 

    Modern and Contemporary Maps (

    This is the main link to the GV site.
    Griffith's Valuation (



    Saturday 14th May 2022, 12:41PM
  • Hi Margot,

    Thanks for your reply! I've used the Griffith's Valuation site before and plot #6 is rented by James Dawson; my GG-Grandmother, Frances McCarthy (Mrs. McCarthy) is listed at plot #6a, which should be a subplot of #6 (according to Griffith's indexing) but not shown on the map. I know the 'house numbers' are not the actual house numbers just the order that the enumerator visited, and the 1901 & 1911 enumerators didn't follow Griffith's in their numbering. I was hoping that someone from the Granard area might recognize the public house (which wasn't shown on the Griffith's map) and then I might be able to figure out where the house could have been. I will probably try Patricia's suggestion to query the Longford Leader and hopefully catch the eye of someone who lived in the area. Many thanks for the help!




    Sunday 15th May 2022, 03:09AM
  • To narrow a bit more, in 1901 the Public House was listed as Thomas Monaghan.
    In the actual census it says he was a farmer.
    in 1911 Thomas Monaghan's son was the James in 1901, he became the Publican.


    Sunday 15th May 2022, 12:05PM
  • Hi Tom,

    There is a very well informed Granard local historian called Fr Tom Murray PP. I think if anyone can help you it would be him. You can find a lot of his work on Youtube one being 'The burning of Granard'


    Paul Morris

    PaulM, Longford Volunteer ☘️

    Thursday 6th Oct 2022, 10:29AM
  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the tip! I have actually watched the Burning of Granard video — probably about six months ago. I will try and see if I can get in touch with Fr. Murray. Many thanks for your help!

    Warm Regards,



    Friday 7th Oct 2022, 02:07AM
  • Thanks for the suggestion. I am so happy I found your post. I was looking for this website online for my friend and when I was searching for it on google search, I found link to your post as well.

    Joan Peterman

    Saturday 17th Dec 2022, 07:22AM

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