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Following my previous post regarding my great-grandfather James Nolan, I have been researching Griffith's Valuation in an effort to find more information of his parents, William Nolan and Mary Carr, who were married on the 6th October 1844 in Templemichael, Longford. As mentioned, I could not find any other details regarding these great-great grandparents of mine but have now uncovered through Griffith's Valuation a John Nowlan in Aghadegnan and also a Mary Carr in Aghadegnan. The map reference for both is 3 and 4 respectively. This would put John Nowlan having a house, office and land at the corner of Demesne Lane and the R198 heading north out of Longford. Mary Carr was next to this having a herd's? house, office and land.

This leads me to think that perhaps my great-great grandfather, William Nolan, was the son of John Nowlan and that he married Mary Carr from 'next door'. Is there any way to find out more about this John Nowlan and Mary Carr and who also lived at these respective properties? 



I am a 66 year old Scot who has Irish antecedents on both my father's side of my family and my mother's side of my family. The Nolans came from Longford, County Longford and the Noonans from Kildorrery, County Cork.

Saturday 18th Nov 2023, 08:45PM

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  • Hi,

    First, I see you put a ? after the word herd on Mary's Griffith's Valuation record - that means she owned some sort of domesticated animal (cow, sheep, goat), and that's the building (shed) they were housed in.

    It would seem to me that the two Griffith's records for John and Mary would put them in the same generation, and that Mary Carr would have been much older than William to be his wife. Or are you saying that John Nowlan also married a different Mary Carr? I wasn't too clear on that part of your question. 

    I looked on Roots Ireland and Ancestry to find William Nolan (Nowlan)'s birth record, but nothing shows up in Longford/Templemichael parish. 

    I did find two birth records for a Mary Carr:

    Mary Carr 15 Apr 1821, Parish Longford/Templemichael, Parents - John & Mary Flannigan, Sponsors - Denis Flannigan & AnnTeris

    Mary Carr 8 Aug 1824, Parish Longford/Templemichael, Parents - Eugene & Margaret McGinnis, Sponsors - John McAntier & Elizabeth Hagarty




    Saturday 18th Nov 2023, 09:35PM
  • Hi

    I found these records on Ancestry

    NameWilliam Nolan

    Baptism Age0

    Event TypeBaptism

    Birth Date1807

    Baptism Date7 Jul 1807

    Baptism PlaceTemplemichael, Longford, Ireland

    Parish VariantsBallymacormack, Ballymacormick, Longford, Templemichael and Ballymacormack, Templemichael and Ballymacormick


    FatherJohn Nolan

    MotherCath Hanagan


    NameGulielmi Nowlan[William Nowlan]

    Baptism Age0

    Event TypeBaptism

    Birth Date1821

    Baptism Date28 Aug 1821

    Baptism PlaceShrule, Longford, Ireland

    Parish VariantsBallymahon


    FatherGulielmi Nowlan

    MotherAnna Linn

    Regards- Mary


    Sunday 19th Nov 2023, 09:51AM

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