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Hi I’ve hit a brick wall that I can’t get past with my 2nd Great Grandfather James Collins, and I’m hoping someone might be able to help. He was a labourer and Roman Catholic. 

James Collins was born around 1840-1845 he married Mary Jane Mcgeough 22nd June 1864 St Peters, Drogheda.  They had 8 children over 20 years.  The first record I have for him is a marriage entry record - so it doesn’t hold much information. 

1868 - living in Mellifont, St Peters Ward Drogheda

1875 - living in St Mary’s Ward, Drogheda

1880 - living in the Dale area of Drogheda

1887 - living on Mary Street, Drogheda

1890 - living at Old Hill, Drogheda

1894 - 1st Feb, Old Hill, Drogheda, James died aged 54 according to his birth certificate.  His wife Jane Collins (she used both names interchangeably) was present at death.


Monday 13th Jan 2020, 06:55PM

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  • Children's names:

    James 1866 -

    Philip 1868 -

    John Joseph 1871-1908,

    Rose 1875 -

    Mary Jane 1877 -

    Thomas 1880-1953,

    Anne 1883-1960,

    Christopher 1887-1890.






    Monday 13th Jan 2020, 07:01PM
  • Hello, I see the registry entry in St Peters but no other information, unfortunately the marriage was not registered in the civil registry that I can see. With no fathers name there are about 6 James Collins that fill your period of 1840 to 1845. I included Meath as the area of the later births is in St Marys parish which is in the diocese of Meath and in both Louth and Meath geographically.

    I could find no birth to suit for Mary Jane McGeogh (one Mary Jane Geough in Cavan but Church of Irleand) however there were a number of Mary McGeogh in Louth if you wish to look in the parish registers here I searched Roots Ireland a subscription site for dates, a certain amount of information can be gleaned but no certs viewed. It is possible that a Mary was transcribed instead of Mary Jane.

    I did find a Jane McGough born in Mellifont parish, mother Saragh Parlin, father Peter but those names do not turn up in your Mary Jane’s family that I noticed. The date is 12th June 1841, Mellifont parish is Mell, the parish is just on the west edge of Drogheda town. In this case the witness is Alice Coyle, I also noted the early witness to the births were a Maguire and it could be useful to see if there is a marriage of either a McGeogh or a Collins to those names which might have more information, you can search the Irish Genealogy site here but early marriages are not fully transcribed yet to see who married who.  Click on Civil Records, church records are not there for Louth.

    There is a site about Louth here but while detailed will probably not have definite information. There is a Jane Collins died in 1930 from North Road, daughter Anne Collins present at death, her detailed address appears to be in Surrey. Assume the death year for James indicates he may be buried in Cord Cemetery, now long closed. Headstones have been published and if you find the names here on the site as buried in Cord I could look them up. There is a James Collins in the Cord Cemetery and I see two Janes in St Peters cemetery, this is online but I think it is a subscription site now. and however on this site the Jane Collins death listed is in 1932.

    There are two Drogheda Facebook pages dealing with family, Drogheda Down Memory Lane – Lost Family and Drogheda family Finder I think but not sure only came across it recently, there is also a Louth genealogy FB page, all private but apply. If interested there is a You Tube film of still photos of old Drogheda Called “Ghosts of Drogheda” about 9 minutes and worth a look.

    Good Luck

    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Wednesday 15th Jan 2020, 10:53PM
  • I wonder if his oldest son is My Greatgrandfather James Collins who married Mary Anne Duffy in 1878 and they had a daughter Ellen Louisa b. 9Feb1879 in Drogheda. But (from memory) Mary Anne Collins died (1879 I think) and widower James married Mary Grimes in Dublin a few years later. 

    Marriage certificate for James Collins and Mary Grimes shows James is a widower, so I presume this James is the widowed husband of Mary Anne Duffy. However, be I reckon that my James Collins (b. Drogheda, m1.Drogheda 1878, m2.Dublin)would more likely have been born about 1860 (not 1866) in order to be married in Drogheda in 1878. So based on the incongruity of birth dates of my James (likely c.1860) with the 1866 birth date of your James herein, I am doubtful that your James herein (b.1866) is indeed my Great Grandfather. However, I have listed herein the research I have found (if my assumptions about his widowed relationship to Mary Anne Duffy is correct) just in case it helps to clarify matters for other researchers, especially in the future.

    Sunday 6th Nov 2022, 11:18AM
  • Further to my comment above (6 Nov 2022), I have since had access to more accurate information (from granddaughters of the sister, Cecilia, of my grandfather, James Collins 1886 Dublin). James 1886 is in fact the son of my great grandfather, also James, bap. 1856 at St Peter's (Catholic), Drogheda - Mellifont, son of yet another James (1830) and Eliza Martin. Eliza's and James' other children's names are different to the names mention in the original post here. I think this clarifies that my own ancestral line of James Collins' are in fact entirely seperate to the Collins' you are searching for. I hope this helps you (by eliminating at least some of the other Collins, from the Drogheda area. 

    Kind regards from sunny Queensland, Australia.

    Monday 6th May 2024, 10:39AM

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