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Good Evening i am trying to find any relatives of my beloved grandfather's family i know he came from west port in county mayo and he  was born in october 1926. I remember him telling me he had some brothers and sister(s). i also recall he said his father remarried when he was still in school.. i would love to put a family tree together and possible meet any relatives that are still living in your lovely country.

Kindest Regards Tracey x  

Sunday 1st Jun 2014, 08:31PM

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  • Tracey:

    This is likely the civil birth index record for your grandfather. You can get a copy of this record from the General Register Office for around 4 euros.It will show his parents names and where they lived in 1926. I provided instructions below the index record.

    Roger McDonnell

    First Name Arthur
    Last Name Quinn
    Year 1926
    Registered Quarter/Year Oct - Dec 1926
    Registration District Westport
    Volume 4
    Page 336

    Go to this link In the middle of the page there are links for birth, marriage or death certificates. Hit the link for the form you want. You will likely get a screen asking for a User Name and Password. (This is a program bug that the GRO has to correct). Hit cancel and the appropriate form should come up. Print the form and complete the requested information. Also provide the information from the index record--quarter/year of the event,  registration district and the volume and page number where the event is recorded. Make sure you ask for a copy which costs around 4 euros. ( A cert costs closer to 20 euros). You can also ask the GRO to e-mail the copy back to you.



    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 1st Jun 2014, 09:41PM
  • Hi Tracey,

    If you do as Roger has advised you will find out the names of his parents.

    Once you have the names,  you could try searching for a marriage record for his parents.  The records on this site stop at approx 1920 but it all depends if  Arthur was the eldest child or one of the younger ones.  

    You could go to the main page and click on the search bar with baptismal records.  Just put in the name of the father and the mother, leave the firstname search bar blank.  This will hopefully throw up the baptismal records of all children born to that couple.  Of course the dates (if it post 1920) will matter.

    However if this doesn't pan out, you can search the indexes of marriages and births on to find out more.

    Hope I explained myself satisfactorily?  If not then please send me the names of the parents and I will try these options myself.

    Kind regards,

    Anne Dennehy


    Monday 2nd Jun 2014, 02:13PM
  • Thankyou for your quick response i will be applying for a copy shortly  i know he was from the town killkenny westport county mayo.. so i do hope if there are any living relatives please get in touch..i also can recall him mentioning a boys home/boarding school he possibly attended but i cannot remember the name of it all i remember it waspossibly in cork?

    thankyou again Tracey

    Tuesday 3rd Jun 2014, 08:45PM
  • Thankyou both i will check those links out too.. you are most kind..

    Kindest Regards

    Tracey Tustin

    Friday 13th Jun 2014, 01:10PM

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