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 Hello My Great Great Grandfather, Patrick Cahill was born In Mount Shannon Galway Ireland this is what it said in his Obit  in 1902 in Syracuse Onondaga New York so I have his death certifcate and it says his father name is John Cahill, mother name is Mary Cahill. My Great Great Grandfather went to Canada then down to Syracuse New York

Now for the Kelley My Great Great Great Frank Kelley and his 6 Children left Ireland in 1848 I have a family history that was written bry my great great Uncle William Kelley in 1939 saying that the family was from Car?/ nas Mayo County Ireland but I cant find this town anywhere can you help me.

  I woould love to come to Ireland but I cant do it this year.
                                                             Thank you  for your help in Advance

                                                                  Ms. Shawn T Cahill

Paula Kennedy

Tuesday 31st Jan 2012, 11:06AM

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  • Dear Ms. Cahill,

    Thank you very much for your query on Ireland Reaching Out. The town you are looking for could be any number of places. At a guess I would say maybe Claremorris or Castlebar, but this is really just a stab in the dark.

    You need to check this family history some more. Do you have names and dates for births, marriages etc.? Maybe your GG Uncle William wrote other notes to support his research. Check and empty all the cupboards and speak to as many living relatives as you can. He may have spoken about this to someone else in the family. As this is a place of origin for you family, there is a good chance he said it to at least someone else.

    Keep in touch if you find out anything more.

    Kind regards,

    Sinead Cooney

    Tuesday 21st Feb 2012, 03:52PM

    Hi g-grandmother was Mary (Kelly) Dogherty of Belgarrow, Foxford Mayo.  She came to Philadelphia PA c. 1886 with one son and 5 daughters.  She was born c. 1840 with her father being possibly one of the following:


    Griffith’s 1856:





    Her son married Rose Kerrigan and her daughters' husbands were Patrick O'Hara, Charles Rudolph and Edgar Carey.  I hope to find a Kelly researcher who is working on the same line.



    Saturday 2nd Mar 2013, 07:28PM

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