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I am hoping to visit my great grandparent's homeland in Kilcolman, County Mayo next year and wondered if there was any way I could find out if I have any living relatives there?  When they moved to England one of their son's, Patrick Conry, remained I believe.  Any information would be most welcome. Thank you.


Thursday 6th Jun 2024, 08:41AM

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  • PatjW:

    Please provide more information (names and dates) regarding your Conry ancestors and our volunteers will look for possible records for your family. We may be able to determine the townland where the Conrys lived.

    We do not look for living relatives but with additional information, you may be able to determine if any distant family members remain in Ireland.

    You should also consider a general DNA test. You may get matches with third cousins or closer on your Conry line who have more information on family.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 6th Jun 2024, 01:25PM
  • Patrick Conry........ parents names would help and approx. year of any births, names or when they went to England and were in England..

    Kilcolman, County Mayo   the registration district is Claremorris.  There are 33 records showing for Patrick names.



    Thursday 6th Jun 2024, 01:36PM
  • Thanks for your quick replies.  I have done a DNA test and added it to other boards as suggested in a recent email from Ireland XO.  Lots of matches but up to now nobody actually in Ireland, although I can pursue that further.

    All the relatives are on this site under Kilcolman Co Mayo.  From birth records I have obtained I have various addresses: Mace Middle, Rockfield, Knockatubber, Cloonanerrick, are these Townlands? I have read about townlands on this site but must admit I find it all a bit confusing!  I'm hoping I can meet with a volunteer when I do come over and see if they can help me make sense of it all.  All baptisms in Kilcolman Parish.

    I have also found a Census record from 1911 showing a Patrick Conry of about the correct age. I could see if I can find more about him but the Census does not have the address on.  Have you any idea where I might find this?

    Would it be possible for you to tell me where the 33 records are?

    Many thanks for all your help.



    Friday 7th Jun 2024, 08:00AM
  • Ok, without any years or extra names.............. going by the 1911 census of Ireland.
    1901 =  Mother is Bridget.  
    1911 -= Mother not there

    This is Bridget's death  bottom of the page.   Thomas was present at the death.
    4612645.pdf (

    Looking through all the deaths .....Conry before 1901was one in the same area as Bridget a Martin Conry.........Thomas was present at the death.
    4667505.pdf (

    So, did Michael, Mary and Thomas go to England?   Where in England?    easier to back track.


    Friday 7th Jun 2024, 10:34AM
  • Thanks for that.  I do not have a mother's name for Thomas but will look into the Bridget connection.  Thomas married Catherine Walsh and they and  their children Mary, Margaret, Catherine, and Michael moved to England some time between when Michael was born in 1875, in Ballandine, Claremorris, and 1881, when they appear on the census in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.  Patrick was another son who does not appear to have come to England, so I was trying to trace Thomas's parents through him. They may have been somewhere else before 1881  but I have not found them on the 1871 Census.  

    I have now checked the links.  Thomas my ancestor died in England in 1901 so this Bridget is definitely not his mother.


    Wednesday 19th Jun 2024, 12:06PM
  • I have looked at the records you kindly linked.  Bridget is not the mother of my ancestor Thomas as he died in 1901 in England.  He was here with his family on the 1881 census.  The hunt goes on!


    Wednesday 19th Jun 2024, 06:35PM

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