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I am looking for ancestors from Killadoon where I am pretty sure my great-great grandmother, Mary Morrison (1845-1900 born in Ireland), is from.  My uncle, 2 brothers and I DNA match at a significan level to a Morrison clan who are descendants of James P. Morrison (1820-1900) who is from Killadoon, Ireland.  James P. Morrison immigrated to Canada in 1832 and then to Iowa, U.S. with his family in 1853.  James P. Morrison's parents were Michael Morrison (1798-1874) and Mary Grady.  I think James P. Morrison might be her uncle or cousin?

The first record I find for my great-great grandmother is when she married Michael Howard in 1864 in Archbald, PA; part of the Scranton, PA greater area.  Her maid of honor was Mary Gill.  Their first born son was named after the paternal grandfather and their second born son was named James.  So according to Irish naming traditon, I think her father's name might be James Morrison.  The godparents of their son James were Michael Maher and Ann Fadden.

I would really like to find our her parent's names, so if this rings a bell on Morrison family history for anyone in Killadoon or Kilgeever parish, I would love to hear from you.



Thursday 3rd Sep 2020, 01:39PM

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  • MBH:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    Unfortunately, the RC records for Kilgeever parish start in 1850. Following your belief that Mary's father was James, I searched on the subscription site Roots Ireland in the Kilgeever records looking for Morrison baptismal records.There was a Thomas Morrison baptized August 29 1853 with parents James Morrison and Bridget Morrison. Also, a Margaret Morrison baptized September 24 1856 with parents James Morrison and Bridget Hunt. Possibly Thomas and Margaret were younger siblings to Mary.

    The 1855 Griffiths Valuation head of household listing does show a James Morrison in Killadoon as well as John, Patrick and Thomas Morrison in the same townland. 

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 3rd Sep 2020, 03:02PM
  • Thank you for the information.  I need to join Roots Ireland, I think it will help me in my research.  Just to let you know, the link you embedded does not work, the page is not found.


    Friday 4th Sep 2020, 05:36PM
  • MBH:

    Sorry about the broken link. I sent an e-mail to the site administrator for that project.

    I copied and pasted the Morrison info.

    Morrison James Killadoon Kilgeever Mayo
    Morrison John Killadoon Kilgeever Mayo
    Morrison Patrick Killadoon Kilgeever Mayo
    Morrison Thomas Killadoon Kilgeever Mayo


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 4th Sep 2020, 07:58PM
  • OK, got it.  Wanted to mention that Mary Morrison and Michael Howard's first born daughter was named Bridget.  So I hypothesized that maybe Mary Morrison's parents names were James and Bridget.  Now you find these baptismal gives me something to go on.  Thank you again.


    Saturday 5th Sep 2020, 01:26PM
  • 12/12/20 My grandmother was born in Killadoon  Kilgiver Mayo on March 31, 1872 to James Morrison and Brigit Hunt Morrison, Her name was Anne and I. have a copy of her birth registration. She went to Boston,,,,year uncertain...and in 1905 married John P. McGowan who left Mayo for Boston in 1903. They moved to NYC and then Philadelphia. They had two sons - Joseph and Clarence (my father).   Happy to share mor when we connect.... Sheila







    Saturday 12th Dec 2020, 05:44AM
  • The Morrison family owned the hotel at Killadoon from the 1960s to the 90s.... it's since changed hands, remaining a hotel and chalets I think. It may be the Killadoon Bay Hotel, but not totally sure.

    James Morrison ran it in the 1960s/70s and, as a young man I spent a summer with his son Sean ( rip).

    The family are well known in the Killeen area west of Louisburgh.

    A note to the parish priest at Killeen Church might help. Also the local history magazine, An Conneil ( misspelled but a search will do it.

     Merry Christmas and keep safe.

    Harry Carson UK






    Thursday 24th Dec 2020, 02:59PM
  • Shelia
    I believe I am your second cousin..
    Still here in Killadoon.
    You have to be Greg Mc Gowan's sister or his first cousin.
    Greg visited me here on a few occasions and we seem to have drifted apart recently, perhaps as a result of my laziness, I keep meaning to look him up
    I would be delighted to hear from you..
    Charlie Morrison


    Sunday 3rd Jan 2021, 10:19PM
  • Interesting posting. My parents and brother stayed at James Morrison's hotel in 1966 which was interesting. My memory is that they had two daughters, one Bernadette. A few years later I went back to Killadoon and I think that the Morrisons had left. I stayed with Michael and Lizzie Sammin and their children for an interesting few days. That house is now ruined and they had built a new housnearby when we were last over. I was reminded off the Sammin's house when visiting the Irish  Museum at Castlebar where there was a setup with turf fire and iron cooking vessels such as I remember at Killadoon. Did one of Michael's son become an electrician in Louisburgh or Westport?




    Monday 25th Jan 2021, 08:46PM
  • Sheila

    Tuesday 26th Jan 2021, 11:32PM


    In anyTo Harry and Charlie. The post  sent two weeks ago seems have become lost in let me try again. Yes. Greg is my brother. He lives in Fort Lauderdale and I am in Annapolis MD. I went to Ireland with my childen and some of the grandkids about 6 -7 yeras ago. We stopped by KIlldoon  and saw the hotel which appeared to be closed. The view from that hillside looking at the wild Atlantic Ocean is spectacular. We also visited Mayo to the site where my grandfather (Anne's husband) was born. I lost all the Ireland records I have amassed in a fire three years ago. So I do ot remember the parish of the site, It was about 20 miles east of Balinrobe. We met a relative...son of my grandfather's youngest nephew.Lovely man... We visited a churchyard where grandfather's brother's grave had an obelisk. I canot remember the name of the church, but would love to find out.More when we connect tell me about your family and I will reply...and make sure the post is actually posted. Sheila






    Saturday 6th Feb 2021, 01:02AM
  • MESSAGE FOR CHARLIE IN KILLADOON Hi Charlie I wonder if you might know anything about my dad, who was born in Killadoon, in 1911? He was James Morrison and had a good friend called Jim Charlie. Regards Jim M


    Wednesday 21st Dec 2022, 08:45PM

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