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Hi , according to British army records, my GGG grandfather Samuel Dixon was b. in Kilmore, Mayo circa 1784.  He was a weaver by trade till he joined the 47th Foot Regiment in 1813.  He would go on to serve  in England, France, India , Burma and even St. Helena Island before  emigrating to Canda in 1831 with his wife, Sarah nee Wallace, and several children.  The family were Church of England.  Samuel's wife  accompanying him abroad and  all of his children except for two I believe,  were born in India or at sea.  One of these two, James, was reportedly  born in Dublin and the other, Mary Ann born in Quebec in 1832, where they landed   I believe Samuel had a younger brother, Henry Dixon, who was with the 49th Foot Regiment prior to emigrating to Canada as well.  Both  Henry and Samuel settled  in Bathurst Townshio, Lanark county, Ontario and farmed adjacent lots.  Looking to learn more about Samuel and Henry's ancestry and possiblly connect with family members still in Mayo.

Lisa in Ottawa, Canada


Sunday 16th Jan 2022, 02:45AM

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  • Lisa:

    There were 21 Dixon households in Kilmore parish Co. Mayo in the 1901 census so very likely there are still Dixons in the parish now. The question is whether they would be related to you. Have you taken a DNA test which might identify Dixon connections across the world who may know more about the Dixons of Kilmore parish. You may want to consider placing an article in the Western People but remember you ancestors left almost 200 years ago.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 16th Jan 2022, 01:35PM
  • Thanks so much for your prompt reply Roger.  Yes, I did a DNA test through Ancestry.  Most of the ancester connections seemed to be on my mom's side or Can/US based, but you're right.  I should check more closely for Irish ones. What is the Western People?  Is it online?  Also are there C of E parish records online  from the early 19th century?  I am aware there was a fire at the Public Record office in 1922. 


    Sunday 16th Jan 2022, 03:02PM
  • Lisa:

    My mistake. I forgot to post the link. Western People is a newspaper that covers the west of Mayo

    The earliest Church of Ireland records for Kilmore parish in Mayo  started in 1825 and were destroyed in the 1922 fire.

    I tried to find the James Dixon baptismal record in Dublin 1831 or earlier but did not find a record.


    Sunday 16th Jan 2022, 05:12PM
  • Lisa –

    I am on Ancestry too and have some Dixons from Belmullet, Mayo (which is Kilmore civil parish) in my tree.  They may not be yours, but perhaps it will be a lead for you.  My username is:  colleenkennedy if you’d like to message me on Ancestry.

    Also, I belong to some Mayo FB genealogy groups that you might wish to join.  The members are very knowledgeable and helpful.  I found my living Kennedy relatives in Mayo, although mine emigrated in 1840, through DNA+genealogical research and help from wonderful groups such as these:

    Mayo Genealogy Group -

    County Mayo Ireland Genealogy Forum -

    They are private groups, but just answer a few questions and let them know your interest and you'll be invited to join.


    Colleen Kennedy



    Colleen Kennedy

    Monday 17th Jan 2022, 12:29PM
  • Thanks for the link Roger.  I will definitely check it out.  Also, thanks for  trying to locate the baptismal record for son James Dickson's baptism (sp) was actually b. circa 1813 according to Candian census records.  Not sure if Dublin is accurate, sometimes  the enumerators  had active imaginations : ) 



    Tuesday 18th Jan 2022, 02:06AM
  • Colleen, thanks so much for reaching out. I will look for you on Ancestry for sure. I think you might be onto something  Some time ago,  I  came acrross a Family Search Org  baptismal record for a James Dickson, son of a Samuel.  I can't put my finger on it right now but I recall the birth or baptismal place was Bally something  which iis apparently part of  Belmullet Penninsula.  Not necessarily the right James, but definitley worth following up.  The Belmulllet coastal area looks very pretty, would be very happy if it turned out to be the home of my Dixon roots.

    Unfortunately I don't have a facebook account, but happy to provide my direct email via ancestry.

    Will be in touch soon.   Lisa


    Tuesday 18th Jan 2022, 02:33AM
  • Colleen, I have reached out to Colleen Susan Kennedy on Ancestry.  Hopefully , I have the right username  My Ancestry username is lmdixon1  




    Tuesday 18th Jan 2022, 02:01PM
  • Hi Lisa

    Re: Samuel and Henry Dixon. 
    Would Ballyglass or Ballymacsheeron mean anything to you.  Both are Townlands on the Belmullet Peninsula in the Parish of Kilmore
    Co Mayo.  

    Phil Mc Intyre






    Phil Mc Intyre

    Thursday 20th Jan 2022, 12:06AM
  • Hi Phil, I'm going to try  and find the record again on as I believe that's where I found it initially.  Stay tuned...


    Friday 21st Jan 2022, 01:24AM
  • Well, I found the "Bally" christening reference in Family but apparently that's not where the Belmullet connection comes from  The record indicates that a  James Dixon, son of Samuel Dixon, was christened January 12, 1812 in Stradbally with Clonea and Ballylanheen, Watreford, Ireland.  Mind you, there's no certainty that this is even the right  James Dixon and Samuel Dixon, particualrly since Canadian census records give his birthplace as Dublin.  It was just a record with the right names and birth period.  I will need to re-establish why I thought there was a  Belmullet connection.  Perhaps, it was, just because  searches of Kilmore parish turned up Dixons in Belmullet.  Sorry for the wild goose chase.






    Friday 21st Jan 2022, 02:36AM
  • I don't suppose there would be on-line Irish Church of England marriage records for the early 19th centruy that I could search.

    If not, would someone be able to do a look-up for me?

    I am looking for the marriage of Samuel Dixon/Dickson of Kilmore Mayo, b. circa 1784, to Sarah Wallace,  b. circa 1790,whom I believe was also from Mayo.

    I expect the marriage would have occured  circa 1810 as their first child was born about this time before Samuel  joined the  British army in 1813.  The marriage may not have occured in Mayo though

    Fingers crossed...Lisa



    Monday 24th Jan 2022, 03:33AM

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