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Would anybody be able to help with the above name, in particular a James or Mary Agnes living in Kilmoremoy in 1897.

I have been able to find a baptismal record but no birth register details.

The1901 Census shows them living at  Knox Street Ballina and Baptism records show Kilmoremoy ,after that no further records ,that I can find such as name of church.

If anybody could suggest where to search next that would really helpful.



Monday 13th Mar 2023, 12:25PM

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  • Jim:

    Can you provide more information? The only O'Hara family in the 1901 census living on Knox St. Ballina is this family headed by Edward a widower with a daughter Mary Anne and a grand daughter Agnes? Is this the family? How old was James? Is the 3 year old Agnes the Mary Agnes in your note?

    The Cathedral in Ballina is St. Muredach,_Ballina

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 13th Mar 2023, 09:50PM
  • Hi Roger,


    Thank you for taking the time.

    We had always known that she had come from Ballina, I had mentioned James as he is mentioned as her father, James O'Hara on a marriage certificate for my Nana Agnes after she had moved to Liverpool England. Her mother as far as I can ascertain was Margaret (Margert) O'Hara

    However, looking at the records I had discovered a baptismal record and that she was living with her Grandfather Edward and Aunty Mary in Knox St at the time of the 1901 Census in Ireland. But unfortunately have been unable to locate any birth register details.

    From what I have found my Nana was known to us in the family as Agnes but according to the Baptisim Register she was recorded as Maria Agnes O'Hara but fathers name not included. That's proving to be a difficulty in finding her on the birth register.

    Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



    Tuesday 14th Mar 2023, 03:26PM
  • Jim:

    Looks like there is no civil birth record. 

    Edward was living alone in 1911

    I don't have any further suggestions.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 15th Mar 2023, 06:12PM
  • Hi Roger,


    Thank you, I came across Garden Street earlier in my research but the Edward at this address was of a different age and profession, still it may be useful certainly you seem to be of the same opinion as me that there is no civil birth record.

    Thanks again for your time, I very much appreciate it


    Thank you



    Friday 17th Mar 2023, 11:45AM
  • Hello Roger and Jim,

    I believe that my ancestor is Edward O'Hara's brother William O'Hara (born in Ballina 1849 - died in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA in 1916) . William married Mary Duffy (born in Crossmolina about 1850 and died in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA in 1930). William O'Hara and his wife Mary Duffy lived on Hill St. in Ballina with their children before they moved to the US in the mid- 1880's. Mary Duffy's parents were Joh Duffy and Margaret Holmes.

    I believe that William O'Hara and Edward O'Hara's parents were William O'Hara (about 1818 - 1879) and his wife Mary Durkan. 

    1) I found a death record on RootsIreland for a William O'Hara on Oct. 25, 1879, age 61, living on Hill St. I am assuming this could be our ancestor, as his son William and family may have been living with him before they left for the USA. Roger, I would love to find the burial location for this William O'Hara, do you have any suggestions for this? I could not find a death record for Mary Durkan O'Hara. 

    2) I have had no luck finding the immigration records for William O'Hara Jr. and his wife Mary Duffy. Any suggestions of which port they may have departed from in Ireland in the mid 1880's? I realize this is like a needle in a haystack. 

    3) I would love to find out what happened to Edward and the other siblings of William O'Hara and Mary Duffy that stayed in Ireland. I will try to look for those.

    Thank you again for all of your time volunteering. I am in Canada and it is not easy researching Irish history from here, but RootsIreland is a big help!





    Friday 13th Oct 2023, 02:23PM

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