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This is complicated.! Three 2xtimes great uncles-Peter,George and James Webb. Born Killeen,Dunsany,Kilmessan,Co. Meath-1855-1859-1863. 

Two went to America (1880). One Peter drowned not long after arrival. Cook County, Illinois. This is problem. He died intestate. His brother claimed his estate. (less than 110 $)Now, would George have to be resident in United States to do this.? I have always thought that James was second brother who went to U.S. But no record of him. 

I was told that George  worked in Ireland as domestic servant somewhere in southern counties . He was around in 1890/1900. Also I have found him in Killeen in 1880. This was after Peter emigrated. Just assuming that two brothers travelled together.

Have searched high and low but can find no death/marriage/census records for either George or James in Ireland.. Very keen to solve this mystery.






Saturday 11th Mar 2023, 03:47PM

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  • RootsIreland gives baptisms for six children in George’s family; he had four brothers, not two. I hope this helps.

                                  Webb    William 1854      Co. Meath          

                                  Webb    Peter     1855      Co. Meath          

                                  Webb    Mary      1857      Co. Meath          

                                  Webb    George  1859      Co. Meath          

                                  Webb    Nicholas              1860      Co. Meath 

                                  Webb    James    1863      Co. Meath          


    Saturday 11th Mar 2023, 06:17PM
  • Have you obtained the original death record for Peter from Cook County? If not, it is worth getting. It might include information like "informant," and if it's George, you will know he was in Chicago at the time of death.

    You might also try to obtain the coroner's record. It might include next of kin.

    Just two ideas that might help.


    Saturday 11th Mar 2023, 06:42PM
  • Thanks for reply. Yes I have details of all six. William was my great-grandfather.

    I know that Peter was buried in Cavalry Cemetery,Cook County. No, I have not got the death record from Cook Co. Good idea.

    I have birth,marriage and death details for a James Webb. Born Co. Meath to George Webb. (William and others are children of George Webb and Elizabeth Kerrigan). However, occupation of James as groom does not match with butler as I was told. Then again George Webb is an uncommon name. 

    Difficult one.!


    Sunday 12th Mar 2023, 06:51PM

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