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I'm looking to flush out more information on My Great Great Grandfather William Patrick Grennan on my mother's side. My mother was born in 1929 (Hartford CT) after my Grandfather had died in 1925 so my info about him initially was limited. He was said to be born in 1869 in Kings County Ireland to a John Grennan and a Bridget Connell. It turns out that a good chunk of this information may have been wrong. I was searching and searching but due to wrong year and a mother's name not matching exactly (The first name is the mismatch) I wasn't finding his birth. I finally found a baptism record that made sense to me and when I presented the below record information The Family Heritage Center agrees with me that the below information is likely my Great Great Grandfather William Patrick Grennan.

Name Gulielmum Grenan
Baptism Age 0
Event Type Baptism
Birth Date 1861
Baptism Date 11 Jan 1861
Baptism Place Ballinahown, Westmeath and Offaly, Ireland
Parish Variants Balinahown, Ballinahowen, Ballynahowen, Balnahown, Balnahown and Lemanaghan, Boher, Boher and Pollough, Lemanachan, Lemanachan and Ballynahowen, Lemanaghan, Pollough
Diocese Ardagh
Father Joannis Grenan
Mother Marie Connell

I was hoping to find out more about where exactly William Patrick Grennan lived in the Ballinahown area and when exactly. He was Baptized in this Ballinahown Parish but I'm not sure how long he and his parents and siblings lived here. Other siblings were baptized in other locations. My Mothers Father (My Grandfather) was Patrick Joseph Williams born in 1888 in the Ballinahown area as well in Laughil (I've also seen this spelled Loughill). While My Grandfather was born in Laughil his mother died a few days after his birth and he went to live with her father Michael Galvin (His grandfather) in Clonnydonnin Castledaly Westmeath...(From the 1901 census). not far from the Ballinahown area. Also interesting was a cousin named Annie Grennan listed on the Michael Galvin household census in 1901 and there was also a Margaret Grennan family of 4 at this same there appears to be a connection with Grennan's and Williams's but there are alot of Grennans and Williams in Offaly/Westmeath back in those days...I'm trying to zero in on the connections if anyone can help. My Grandfather Patrick Joseph Williams (Born in Ballinahown Kings County Ireland) married Bridget Grennan (Born in Bristol Connecticut) daughter of William Patrick Grennan in Hartford Connecticut in 1926. I'm thinking there was a family connection from Ireland.

Thanks in advance for any help...I'm kind of stuck. I will be Visiting Ireland in May and have a couple days in Athlone (May 8 & 9) so I could be close to Laughil/Clonnydonnin and was hoping to bus to where I could walk to see the Laughil farm. I would also try to check out Clonnydonnin as well. Also looking at renting a bike for this.


Monday 6th Feb 2023, 07:05AM

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    Hello Stewie and welcome to Ireland Reaching Out

    Dont know if you have the attached record of the Baptism 

    Geraldine Buckley-Smith, Ireland XO Volunteer

    Monday 6th Feb 2023, 12:04PM
  • Geraldine Thanks for the welcome and the document. I had found the Baptism document you've provided. Hopefully someone who has some knowledge of this area can add some detail.


    Scott Stewart


    Monday 6th Feb 2023, 03:43PM
  • Stephen Murray and Maia Coughlan were Godparents

    Geraldine Buckley-Smith, Ireland XO Volunteer

    Monday 6th Feb 2023, 07:36PM
  • The problem is Scott that while Ballinahown is the Parish it covers a large area i.e. Ballinahown, Pullough, Lemanaghan and Boher.

    Do you have any further documents to help narrow down the area they might have lived in.

    Have you considered doing your DNA (or that of the oldest member of your family ie. a generation before you)

    Grennan as you man know is a very common name in Offaly 

    Geraldine Buckley-Smith, Ireland XO Volunteer

    Monday 6th Feb 2023, 07:47PM
  • Geraldine,

         I haven't done my DNA but I gifted my mother this a couple years ago. I'll reach out to her to see if I can get access to the information.

         As for Narrowing down location for William Patrick Grennan (Maternal Great Grandfather) I started with only Kings County Ireland and parents names (Only one of which was an exact match) to find the Baptism Docs in Ballinahown...and this only happened because I searched for an earlier birth date than given (I was given 1869) and guessed he might have been born/lived in the same Diocese as my Grandfather Patrick Williams who was born in Laughil Ballinahown Offaly Ireland. I figured that there was a family familiarity based on similar location in Ireland for him to connect with and marry my Grandmother (Brigid Grennan - Born in Bristol CT USA in 1891) in the USA. One of my goals in this enquiry is to narrow down exactly where in the Ballinahown area he (William Patrick Grennan) was born/resided and for how long he lived there. I'm not certain when he left Ireland although I know William Patrick Grennan was married in the US in the 1890's so It seems likely it was sometime in the 1880's although it could have been sooner.

         If this helps...I'm pretty sure one of William Patrick Grennan's brothers was James Grennan with a prior birth on 14 Dec 1856. William Patrick Grennan was born in January 1861. James Grennan lived in Doon Demense per the 1901 Census (With Wife and Kids) but he did receive his first child - Patrick- in Ballinahown in 1881 (Per Baptism Docs and Birth Registration). His next child Thomas...shows a birth in Doon Kings County Ireland in 1883 So it appears that between 1881 and 1883 this part of the Grennan Family moved from somewhere in Ballinahown to Doon and Its possible it was to Doon Demense Kings County. I don't know if/how to backtrack from this to find out where William Patrick Grennan lived in Ballinahown before at least one of the Family moved but I'm guessing that if there is a way to backtrack that the Ballinahown address for James Greenan would be the same or close to the residence for William Patrick Greenan. 

         I'll get back when I find the DNA info. Not sure how/what to do with it when I get it.


    Thanks for your thoughts and any assistance you can give



    Monday 6th Feb 2023, 09:00PM
  • Geraldine,

         My mother gave me management of the DNA Test she did on and I've ordered one for myself. As for my Mothers DNA (She is the Irish connection) what do I do with it to help with my query?


    Wednesday 8th Feb 2023, 03:55PM
  • Ok Scott

    You need to download her DNA raw file from Ancestry.

    So when you log into Ancestry - top right - click on the account name and dropdown and settings

    Left menu - click on DNA

    Click on her name

    Scroll to bottom of page and it will say 'download DNA data'

    Click to agree, agree and it will download

    Then you have to create a Gedmatch account (its free) and log in

    On right hand side of page - 'Upload your DNA'

    You have to choose your downloaded file from Ancestry and upload.

    It will take a few days for them to come back to you and say your data has been uploaded (maybe quicker)

    You will then get a Kit Number - e.g A054058 (my kit)

    When you get this done if you come back to me and I will tell you how to join Offaly DNA group (or any DNA group)

    Hope this is ok and you can follow, but there are lots of good videos on Youtube on how to download DNA and upload to Gedmatch



    Geraldine Buckley-Smith, Ireland XO Volunteer

    Wednesday 8th Feb 2023, 11:46PM
  • I dont have Ancestry membership at the moment but I will see if I can get any more information on the family from the Ballinahown area


    Geraldine Buckley-Smith, Ireland XO Volunteer

    Wednesday 8th Feb 2023, 11:48PM
  • Thanks. I'll work on this over the next couple of days.



    Thursday 9th Feb 2023, 02:27PM
  • I have the kit number on GEDmatch UC6000556. Thanks again for your assistance.


    Friday 10th Feb 2023, 08:37AM
  • My email is rahan@irelandxo if you would like to send me an email and I will send you the results from Gedmatch

    Geraldine Buckley-Smith, Ireland XO Volunteer

    Saturday 11th Feb 2023, 02:17PM
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    Gedmatch 1.JPG (100.79 KB)
    Gedmatch 2.JPG (141.12 KB)
    Gedmatch 3.JPG (140.4 KB)
    Gedmatch 4.JPG (92.61 KB)
    Gedmatch 5.JPG (141.03 KB)

    There are the top matches

    When I run your kit number with my mother H128318 you actually come up as a match with her.  Her family are from the same Parish

    Geraldine Buckley-Smith, Ireland XO Volunteer

    Saturday 11th Feb 2023, 02:24PM
  • These files are your top matches on Gedmatch

    Geraldine Buckley-Smith, Ireland XO Volunteer

    Saturday 11th Feb 2023, 02:26PM
  • Thanks. I sent an email to you. I'm definitely interested in the match our mothers have and where the crossover is.


    Scott Stewart


    Saturday 11th Feb 2023, 07:22PM

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