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Hi Looking at my Irish ancestry My Great grandfather William Rice was born September 1853 in Eglish Co Offaly His parents were Thomas Rice Elizabeth Neil siblings Mary,Lucy, Thomas and Patrick He joined the Prince of Wales leinster regiment 100th and 109th foot in Five valley on 4 July 1873 and by November 1878 he was in England Manchester area May 1886 married Martha Kay Died 1927 Manchester Looking for information on my ancestry or living Rice relatives also was told we are descendants of the O'Maolcraoibhe clan Had DNA test And on few DNA/Ancestry websites Any help would be appreciated Dominic Anthony Rice 3rd gen Rice born outside Ireland


Monday 28th Jun 2021, 09:27AM

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    Hi Dominic, 

    I attach a copy of a marriage of a Thomas Rice in Eglish in 1836. It is difficult to make out the name of his wife.

    As well as the siblings of William in 1853, there is a Roger Rice baptised June 1846. Mother "B Neil".

     Were they a non- Roman Catholic family?


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    Monday 28th Jun 2021, 12:57PM
  • Her name was Elizabeth so may be down as Betty ?

    I'm really grateful for this 

    Are you able to attach Rogers  ?

    Anymore information is very welcome 

    I can put an appropriate year of birth for Thomas and Elizabeth now


    Monday 28th Jun 2021, 02:44PM


    Transcription and copy of original page attached. The record is on the right hand page - 3 down. Not very clear!

    To find out more about your family you can access the following free sites: - Tithe Records 1823 - 1837 for Griffith's land valuations - early 1850's.

    Best Wishes,


    Monday 28th Jun 2021, 04:29PM
  • Thanks much appreciated 

    Looks like name Betty short for Elizabeth.

    I think that this Patrick passed away before 1857 as they had another son named Patrick 


    Monday 28th Jun 2021, 06:21PM
  • Looking to find more on Thomas Rice and Elizabeth Neil married 1836 so birth around 1816 give or take a few year.

    Looking for Parents or siblings 

    Any help


    Saturday 6th Aug 2022, 08:02PM

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