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I am one of the Great Grandchildren of SARAH KINARNEY (Kinnarney), born 1846 at Maugherabane, Cadamsotwn, Parish of Kinnitty or Letterluna.  I believe her parents to have been Francis (Frank) Kinarney and Catherine Manifold, and her Paternal Grandmother to have been the Sarah Kinnarney, a widow living in Cadamstown according to the 1821 Irish Census. She emigrated to the United States and married there in 1875, but it is uncertain if she left Ireland as a child, with her parents and youngerr brother John, born 1849, or later.

I am searching for information about her departure from Ireland and arrival in America, and exactly how she was related to the family now living on the farm at Maugherabane.  

We know that the current occupants of the farm, John and Patricia RIGNEY and children, are descended from a woman named MARY, first married to a man named Kinnarney, widowed, second marriage to a man named Carroll.  I do not know Mary's Maiden name, nor the given name of her first husband, "Mr" Kinnarney.

Mary's son, James, born circa 1883 and died at age 83 years; buried iin Kinnitty.

James' daughter, Eileen, born 1923, married James Rigney

Eileen Kinnarney and James Rigney's son, JOHN RIGNEY, born 1949, lives on the farm today with the family. 

I have been in touch with John (Jack) Carroll, descended from "Mary" listed above, hoping he has a clue, and have dug deeply into the information that John and Patricia Rigney have with them at the farm.  I have visited the Family History Center at Bury Quay in Tullamore; Paddy Heaney in Cadamstown; and the Cobh Heritage Center, where I met with a professional genealogist. I have queried the on line records from the immigration centers at Castle Garden and Ellis Island, New York (as Sarah and her descendants lived and continue to live in New York City, New York State, and elsewhere in the US), and Canadian immigration records.  I can find to record of her Irish deparrture or American arrival.  US Census records and her death certificate give conflicting dates for her US arrival, suggesting either that she came her as early as age 3 years, or as late as age 27. 

Any help and hints would be appreciated, even if they turn out to be dead ends...anything to keep connected with my Irish homeland!

Michael Hofmann 

Michael in America

Sunday 12th Jul 2015, 10:59PM

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    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I did some checking. I first searched Roots Ireland for 1881-1885 for a James Kinnarney baptismal record. The only record that came up was an 1882 baptism in Kilcormac RC parish which is just to the north of Kinnitty. The father was Michael and the mother was M.A. Stewart. I saw an 1871 marriage index record for this couple and she was Mary. I also located the 1901 and 1911 census records for the family and an 1890 civil marriage index record for Mary Kinarny with one of the possible spouses as John Carroll.

    Hope some of this info helps. 

    Roger McDonnell

    Name:James KinnarneyDate of Birth:
    Date of Baptism:01-Aug-1882Address:
    Parish/District:KILCORMACGender:MaleCountyCo. Offaly
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:Michael KinnarneyMother:M. A. StewartOccupation:

    First name(s)MaryLast nameKinarnyRegistration year1890Registered Quarter/YearJan - Mar 1890Registration districtParsonstownVolume3Page431County-MarriageFinder™Mary Kinarny married one of these people
    William Heaney, Michael Conroy, Michael Couroy, John Carroll

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 13th Jul 2015, 01:10AM
  • Hi!  My name is Maryanne Gorman Hoffman and I might have some info for you, but I'm not sure.  I just start doing research on that branch of my family.  My paternal grandmother was Rose Carroll and her parents were Mary McEvoy Kinnarney Carroll and John Carroll.  My father's cousin gave me a lot of the research that she's aquired over the years, but I haven't had a chance to go through it all yet.  My husband and I are making the trip over  (my 3rd his 1st) in late May early June 2016 and hopefully I'll be up to date by then so I can do some in person research.  I'm also hoping to get John and Patricia Rigney's address from my father's cousin so I can write ahead of time and introduce myself.  Okay, I'm rambling now!!

    Anyway if you think either of us might have info that will help the other let me know and we can share what we have.

    Take care,

    Maryanne Gorman Hoffman 

    Tuesday 17th Nov 2015, 08:47PM
  • Mare, feel free to give me a call at 207-474-6080 or email me at>. Your maybe cousin, Michael Hofmann

    Michael in America

    Tuesday 17th Nov 2015, 10:58PM
  • Hi Michael! I'm in between accounts right now, but I'll send you an email when I get home. It does look like we're somehow related doesn't it?!! And except for the spelling we have the same last names weird is that?!

    Wednesday 18th Nov 2015, 07:08PM

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