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Looking for some information on a Mary Shea who worked as a servant in Dublin, i found a census sheet with her name on it online (see attached) from 1901 showing her working as a servant in a hotel.

Although on the sheet it says she is from Dublin City, i think this was just a mistake and it should be Kings Co, which is just underneath her name on the next line opposite somebody else's name. An easy mistake to make.

Does anybody know Where or what this hotel was called?

The hotel managers name was a George Joyce who came from England, and his wife and hotel manageress was called Kathleen Joyce.


Thank you in advance for any help.


Thursday 24th Aug 2023, 05:00PM

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  • A look at the 1901 and 1911 census returns shows this Hotel was at No. 5 Westland Row and was named 'Grosnevor Hotel', it was located close to the junction with Great Brunswick St. (now Pearse Street), and almost opposite the main entrance to the Westland Row railway station.

    St. Andrew's Catholic Church is on the same street just a few doors to the south of the railway station.

    Image removed.

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 24th Aug 2023, 05:43PM
  • I attached an image on a Thom's 1904 directory showing the first few buildings on the street - which seems to have been removed or blocked...

    Westland Row
    from Brunswick Street Gt. to Lincoln PLace
    Parish : St. Mark - Electoral Ward : Trinity

    1  Henry Williams and Co. (ltd) , grocer and wine merchants (also at 28 Henry Street)
    "  Samuel J. Shannon, Chief Engineer,, Engineer's Office D.W. & W. Railway
    2  Geo. H. Grindley, pharmaceutical chemist -res. Zion Road, Rathgar
    "  Howell Thomas Grindley esq.
    "  Dublin Dental Institute
    3 William Inglis, confectioner
    4  Robert W. Smyth esq, merchant
    "  Valentine M. Smyth, engineer
    "  Lucan Dairy, R.J. Nash proprietor
    5  Grosnevor Hotel - Mitchell & Co. proprietors
    .... here Park-view intersects...


    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 24th Aug 2023, 05:56PM
  • Scarlett,

    Are you sure you are looking at the right Mary Shea? It's a common name.  

      Maybe the Mary working at the hotel WAS born in Dublin, not in Kings/Offaly as you hoped.

    Can you give us any other info about your Mary Shea? We might be able to help determine if the Dublin servant is the correct one.




    Friday 25th Aug 2023, 01:07PM
  • Thank you Shane Wilson, i was able to open the image in a new window.


    Hi Patricia,

    It could be the wrong Mary Shea.

    Yes Mary Shea, known as Molly Shea to her own family in Kings Co.  Born 23 JAN 1872 in Cooraclevin, Kings Co to William Shea and Elizabeth Maher. She had 3 brothers, John 1873, Edward 1875 and Thomas 1877.

    She could have moved up to Dublin at an early age to look for work.

    She married Patrick O'Shaughnessy in 1904, he was a railway guard/porter,  would make sense if the hotel was close to the station, maybe thats how they met.

    But on her death certificate it says she died in 1910 in Dublin at age 38, and its showing her home address as being her place of death, 4 St Johns Cottages.  There is no mention of a burial place for her either, she wasn't buried with her husband in Glasnevin. He is buried with his Sister, Son and Daughter-inlaw.  I don't know if she was buried in her family plot down in Kings Co, i don't know when her parents would have died. If she went into their family plot down in Kings Co, or Barna, Roscrea, they could have been still alive and maybe they wanted her buried down there to be close.

    According to records that must have come from somebody else on Ancestry, its showing her father William Shea was born in 1837 in Barda, Azerbaijan, to a Catherine Brophy and Edward (Ned) Shea. But that would have come from the connection i made on MyHertiage, because i uploaded the family tree file from MyHeritage onto Ancestry.  I'll have to do some checking because it doesn't sound right, especially when the place of birth is Barda Azerbaijan, but the location is down as being Barna.  And his Baptisim is down as Cooraclevin on the 16 of July 1837, with Catherine Brophy and Edward Shea parents.

    But its been a while since i was talking to them last in 2017/2018 and i'm never sure if they are still alive or not, so i'm a bit worried about making contact in case its not a good time.

    It doesn't say on Ancestry who put that information in, or at least i can't find where it does.


    Thank you for this, i know its a lot.



    Thursday 14th Sep 2023, 01:30PM
  • Hello

    The fact that it says Mary Shea was born Dublin City makes me think it is correct. Some of the other entries say Dublin County 1901

    Have you got the marriage entry for Patrick and Mary - does it say where Mary was from - usually on the marriage entry it will say where they are originally from.

    Looking at marriage

    Looking at Census records for Patrick and Mary in Dublin there are a few Patricks one who is a Widower and there is also one for a Mary O'Shaughnessy who is a Widow with 2 sons and she is from Queens County.

    The reason I was looking at this Mary was Cooraclevin is on the border of Offaly (Kings County) and Laois (Queens County)

    The Mary on that 1901 census above was 24 but your Mary was born 1872 which would leave her 29ish in 1901

    Just trying to make sure you have the correct Mary



    Geraldine Buckley-Smith, Ireland XO Volunteer

    Saturday 13th Jan 2024, 08:25PM
  • I've been looking up on the website for a Fanny Bell born in 1866 from Kings Co and i can't find one, so i do think those lines were mixed up on the sheet.



    Tuesday 21st May 2024, 08:59PM

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