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My name is Brian McMurdo.  I'm trying to track down information about my father's family, whose names were Kilduff and Mulveyand who may have lived in the Athleague  area of Roscommon at least in the late early 1800's.  A Margaret Mulvey, born about 1798 in Athleague was the great grandmother of my father. She married a Patrick Kilduff, of who no information is known. 

I am trying to figure out her family in the Athleague region, if at all possible. 

Margaret Mulvey Kilduff died in 1878 in Sonora, Tuolumne County in California's gold country and is buried in our family burial plot there.  Her headstone states that she was a native of Athleague. 

She had at least one child, Mary (Mariae) Kilduff, who married a George Banahan.

I'm curious to know if there are further records or information about these people, and where I might look?  

I assume she came to America with the family of her daugher and / or other children.  They, the Banahans /Mellynns immigrated to the US in the early to mid 1850's, and came west to California, settling the Gold Country of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  They are buried in Sonora and Columbia, both old gold mining towns in Tuolumne County, California.  

Any information, suggestions or guidance you could provide would be appreciated. 

I enjoy your site.  Thanks for any help.

Best wishes,


Saturday 1st Apr 2017, 12:51PM

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  • Brian:

    Welcome to ireland Reaching Out!

    Athleague is one of the few RC parishes in Co. Roscommon that have records going way back. Here is a link to the register. Records start in 1808 but the baptismal records have gaps

    I just searched on Roots Ireland and could not find a Margaret Mulvey/Kilduff marriage and did not locate a baptismal reocrd for a Kilduff child with father Patrick and mother with the surname of Mulvey. Based on this search they may have come from a different parish or possibly the child was baptized in a record gap period e.g. 1828-1834

    The 1830 Tithe records for Athleague did not show any Kilduff records but there was a Pat Mulvee in Cloony…

    There were Patrick Kilduff Tithe records in the nearby parishes of Rahara and Killinvoy.……

    You may want to consider autosomal DNA testing.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 1st Apr 2017, 03:24PM
  • Thank you for your reply, Roger. I'll do some more digging and may be back to you.  Hope your day's a good one.



    Sunday 2nd Apr 2017, 01:49AM


         I live in the parish of Athleague,  I am currently assembling all of our known church and civil records,  it has become a work in progress. Yes there most certainly ,both Kilduff and Mulvey families in this parish  There are up on one hundred entries in the church records. The Mulvey family is often spelt as MULVEE, ....and sometimes it was spelt  MULREY? Since there are so many different spellings and the multiple of entries, it would take   Some time to browse my hand written records . But for sure both families lived here in Athleague. Google - Thomas Mulrey of New York, an interesting emigrant, also an Athleague native.

      If I can be of any help!

    Kind regards  TIMOTHY DUKE  




    tim duke

    Thursday 27th Jul 2017, 04:13PM

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