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Hi Everyone,

I have a copy of my 3X great grandfathers will. He was Roman Catholic. In it he lists all his children and what was left to them. The sons, in order of age were Patrick, Edward, John, and James. My 3X great grandfather emigrated to New Brunswick, Canada after he retired from the British army in 1832. At that time Patrick and Edward were themselves in the British army. John and James and their sisters emigrated with their parents. My 3x great grandfather died in 1842. Edward died in Afghanistan in the army in 1842. I don't think that the rest of the family knew of his death in 1842. In my 3x great grandfathers will he left his 200 acre farm in New Brunswick to his sons John and Edward. (since Edward was dead John ended up with all of it). He left his youngest son James some cash and some livestock. He left his oldest son Patrick only 25 pounds cash. I wonder why the oldest son was left so little. Patrick stayed in Ireland and lived out his life after the army near where he was born. All his living siblings were in New Brunswick. My question about the naming patterns is that Patrick never named any of his children (or grandchildren) after his farther, who was named Edward. Also, none of Patricks brothers and sisters named any of their children after Patrick. Could a family argument have caused this change in the naming patterns?


Saturday 6th May 2023, 10:08PM

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  • Ireland XO (this website) has a post about naming patterns:…)


    Sunday 7th May 2023, 02:19AM
  • fitz1959:

    I would agree with your conclusion that there was a rift between Patrick and his father possibly because he did not want to emigrate.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 7th May 2023, 11:17AM
  • I agree. It bears the hallmarks of a falling out alright. 

    I'd certainly take a poke around in Petty court records and newspaper archives. You might get lucky and find a lead as to why. 

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Monday 12th Jun 2023, 11:55AM

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