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Good Day,

I am searching to connect to my family or if there are any that still live in Ireland. The person i am seraching for is Martin Lane Hoban born 11 Nov, 1839 in Ballintober, Roscommon, IRE Died 14 Nov, 1923 Story county, Nevada, IA USA. His parents are Patrick Hoban B: 1799~ not sure of location D: 1892 Ireland and his mother Mary Ann (Lane) Hoban B: 1799~ also not sure of birth location other than Ireland.


Martin also has a sister named Bridget Belinda (Hoban) McDonnell/McDonald ( not sure of which spelling it is from records) from research show her born in 6 Jan , 1842~( could be earlier because i have two Baptism records) and D:17 Nov, 1894 Story County, Nevada, IA USA. Reason i am not certain of her birth year is because i have two baptism records one is in 1838 Kilbride parish, Roscommon, IRE at the Roman Catholic Church the second is in July 1843 Aughagower, Mayo, IRE.


If anyone can help with any additional informaiton it would be greatly appreciated!




Cory Coyne

Monday 14th May 2018, 03:58PM

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  • There are 2 civil parishes called Ballintober, one in Castlereagh barony and Castlereagh Poor Law Union in County Roscommon and one in Co. Mayo. Ballintober is also name of 13 townlands!

    If you're certain that Martin was from Ballintober in Roscommon then I suggest you discard the 1843 baptism of Bridget in Aughagower, Mayo. R.C. parish of Aghagower/Aughagower, (Tuam Archdiocese),  post town Westport, County Mayo is several miles South-west from Castlebar and a  great many more miles due West  from Ballintober in County Roscommon. Among nearby parishes to Aghagower parish are Eglish, Ballyhean & Breaghfy parish and  Ballintober parish. That Ballintober is South of Ballyhean, which is South of Castlebar. Westport, Castlebar, Ballyhean and Ballintober can be seen on maps. (Having said that, my Gm from Ballyhean married a man from the other side of Mayo whom she'd met elsewhere, away from Mayo, and they later returned to Ballyhean where they had their 2nd son; this was early 20thC in age of efficient & cheap travel.) 

    The baptism of Bridget in Kilbride parish is more likely. R.C. parish of Kilbride, Kilgeffin & Clontosker, linked civil parishes of Cloontuskert and Kilbride, in barony of Ballintober. However, bear in mind that not all registers survive from this era. Does this baptism include mother's maiden name? If not, it might be another Bridget Hoban with parents Patrick & Mary Ann. How did Bridget come by the middle name Belinda? Middle names were uncommon at the time, except for names like Mary Ann.

    Ballintober was in Castlerea(gh) Poor Law Union. The Poor Law Unions were groupings of civil parishes and formed the basis for the Registration Districts when civil registration of births, marriages and deaths were introduced in 1864. There were some changes to districts over time.

    See website for help in  identifying & locating townlands, parishes (civil or religious), registration districts etc. It has old and modern maps. 

    The 1892 Patrick Hoban death was registered in Athlone Registration district,  Roscommon Superintendent Registrar's District,  Roscommon Union, in Counties of Galway & Roscommon. Roscommon Superintendent Registrar's District was just 1 of several in the County of Roscommon. Patrick was a widower, recorded age at death 95, place of death Ballyglass, occupation small farmer. Informant was Michael Hoban, son, residence Ballyglass. (Don't take recorded age at death as being accurate; a lot of Irish people at this time didn't know their age and no one who knew Patrick when he was young would be around; ages of some elderly people could be wrong by a decade or more.)  Athlone is on the far side of Roscommon town from Ballintober. Ballyglass is the name of 3 townlands. Ballyglass in Dysart civil parish in Athlone Registration District /Poor Law Union. The other 2 are in Roscommon PLU, in Cloontuskert civil parih and Cloonygormican civil parish. Athlone became a separate registration district at some point.

    Did you consider an earlier Patrick Hoban death in 1872? It was registered in Castlerea Superintendent Registrar's  District. This district included Ballintober. Patrick's recorded age at death was 71. That would mean he was born around same time as the other Patrick, if ages were near their actual ages. There's no image of this death registration  so no details.


    County boundaries in this area changed a couple of times in 19th century. Roscommon, Mayo, Galway and Leitrim all lost and/or gained bits. Athlone changed counties as did some other towns.

    Were Martin and Bridget single when they emigrated ? Do you know year(s) of emigration? 

    Maggie May

    Friday 24th Aug 2018, 09:40PM
  • I've looked at a register for Ballintober R.C. parish  -   Ballinaskill & Kilcrone (Ballintober) on National Library of Ireland website

     It was Baptisms Dec. 1831 -Dec. 1863. Same volume  contains Marriages 1831-1864.  A note say there are pages missing and many out of order. Baptisms 1836-1841 are missing. They should be on pages 27-36 but those pages are not there, or aren't in sequence. Another volume is of baptisms 1840-1865. 

    Where did you get Martin's d.o.b. from? Have you tracked down his bapism?

    Btw Ballintober isn't far from Roscommon -Galway county boundary.

    Maggie May

    Friday 24th Aug 2018, 10:34PM
  • Hello Maggie! Thank you for all your information. For Martin his DOB is on his grave stone that is in St. Patricks Cemetary in Nevada, IA along with my 3rd great grandparents Patrick Coyne and Sarah (Hoban) Coyne who was Martins sister and who he lived with.

    Where i got his birth place of Ballintober is off of a newspaper article from the Boston Pilot by his father Patrick Hoban. They apparently had a section in the paper for missing friends and family for Irish Immigrants and this is what it said:


    " Of Martin Hoban, son of Patrick Hoban, of Finny Park, parish of Ballintober, county Roscommon, Ireland; when last heard of he was in Ohio, any information concerning him will be thankfully recieved by his father, Patrick Hoban, Shannon, Carrol county, Illinois."


    That is about all the additional informaiton i have of Martin. His father Patrick i have a good hunch that he was originally born in Kilkenny and later moved to Roscommon but still working on harder evidence of this.


    As for Bridget and middle name "Belinda" that is also something that is on her grave stone that is also located in the same St. Patricks cemetery in Nevada, Iowa but on the stone it says Belinda B. but other records from shows them swapped around. Also that she was born in Roscommon in Jan. 1842 so the Mayo record i would agree with you is not accurate.

    Cory Coyne

    Monday 27th Aug 2018, 09:27PM
  • If date of birth on Martin's headstone is correct then his baptism may have been on the pages missing from register. Age recorded at death was often incorrect, especially for old people of Martin's vintage.

    Was Sarah, Martin's sister, born in Ireland and if so, do you know approximately when?

    Was Patrick Hoban, Martin's father, actually in Illinois when he put the notice in the newspaper or was he still in Ireland and just using Shannon, Carrol County, Illinois as address for correspondence?  Do you know year of newspaper notice?


    Maggie May

    Wednesday 29th Aug 2018, 12:45AM
  • I can't locate Finny Park in Ballintober parish. The name might have changed.

    The only Hoban in Ballintober parish on Griffiths' Valuation was Patrick in Timanagh townland. Timanagh can be Tigh Mannach in Irish. I'm wondering if "Finny Park" was how someone at the newspaper deciphered whatever Patrick Hoban (or whoever penned the notice for him) had written for Timanagh. Handwritten capital F and T could easily be confused. So could m and double n. Letters h and k with loops resemble each other.  Spelling wasn't standardised.

    Griffiths' Valuation is on

    Other places I considered were Frenchlawn in Ballintober parish; Ballyfinegan; Fairymount (Kilgefin parish); Frenchpark (Tibohine parish); and Foghanagh Beg and Foghanagh More which are in Drumtemple parish.

    These websites have lists of parishes, townlands etc. Some have numbered maps.

    AWS IreAtlas Townland 


    Maggie May

    Wednesday 29th Aug 2018, 02:13AM
  • Yes Sarah was Martins older sister and my 3rd great grandmother she was born according to her obituary near the city of Roscommon in the county of the same name in Ireland December 20, 1819. Here is a link to this information:


    Now for Patrick, Martins father I do not know if he was in America at the time or not or if as you said used the city/locaiton in Illinois as a location. I have found records that Patrick passed away in Ireland but again nothing fully conclusive. Also Patrick is not burried with the rest of the family in St. Patricks cemetary in Nevada, IA. I believe he used the Illinois locaiton because that is where my great grandparents lived originally after emigrating to America prior to moving to Nevada, IA. And unfortunately i do not know what year that newspaper source was written.


    I have looked into the griffiths caluations but as names were never spelled the same more than once it is a proper job trying different spellings etc. LOL but i will continue to keep looking.

    Cory Coyne

    Wednesday 29th Aug 2018, 09:54PM
  • Hello, Cory. I surmise that Patrick probably sent a letter to Sarah and she put the notice in the newspaper on her father's  behalf. I see the obituary can't decide whether she was born in 1818 or 1819. It was 1818 in heading but 1819 in text!.

    Have you found the marriage of Sarah to Patrick Coyne or baptisms of any of the children born in Ireland? Weddings were usually in bride's parish.

    If Sarah had 70-80 descendents in 1907 you must have a lot of 2nd cousins!

    If your're not certain about  the 1892 Patrick Hoban death I think you should keep the 1872 one in mind too. Image isn't online yet. More images are scheduled to be added.

    There was a Hoban family in Timanagh townland, Ballintober parish on 1901 & 1911 census.

    Maggie May

    Wednesday 29th Aug 2018, 11:00PM
  • Yes that is strange about the dates!


    I have not been lucky enough to find any marriage documents for Sarah and Patrick. Most of their children besides 2 or 3 that i can find were born in the US. According to some informaiton there was Patrick and Michael born in Roscommon ( however i do not have any documentaiton at the moment to confirm this fully) and then a daughter Jane Bridget Coyne where from multiple family trees with her in it have her born 1841 in Ballymoe, either Galway or Roscommon. I know that Ballymoe is right on the boarder and that boarder has changed over the years but again i cannot find any hard documents to confirm this.


    the birth date of 1841 seems legit though because i do have the hard copy of the passenger and crew list on the ship they came over on. It was called the Sheridan and it says that Jane was 4 years of age on the record and there were two others one age 8 and the other age 5 so that should account for the two boys Michael and Patrick. Also Jane Bridgets recorded birth date was 15 Dec. 1841 and they arrived in New York, New York in 1846 which pending the month she may not have hit her 5th birthday yet.

    Yes for Sarah and Patrick having that many descendents i have a boat load of cousins that i am finding! Since they from what im told had 12-14 kids themselves!


    I will keep my mind open on the death of Patrick Hoban because as you mentioned dates, ages, etc. were never trully that accurate (which makes what I along with so many more on this site much more difficult LOL)


    I have seen that Hoban family in Timanagh i may try and look more into that information to see if they are cousins of mine.

    Cory Coyne

    Tuesday 4th Sep 2018, 06:56PM

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