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  Looking for any information in my Coyne family. I believe I've narrowed them down to Parish of Ballynakill and renting land with a house in townland of Ross and renting empty land I assume for farming in townland of Tievegarriff

   My 2nd great grandfather was Tadgh (or possibly Tadg but called "Tady" in US) Coyne, born about 1834 in Galway. He married Catherine Lydon about 1857 and had my great grandathe, john Coyne in 1858 and a daughtr Bridget in 1860. They came to the US in March 1862 and settled in Marcellus, New York.

   Catherine Lydon had a sister, Jane, who married Thomas Thornton in 1869 in BAllinakill Chapel in Renvyle. Jane and Catherine's parents were Patrick and Bridget (Coyne) Lydon, They came to Marcellus with Jane and Thomas in 1870 and also settled in Marcellus.

   According to his death cert, Tady's parents were John Coyne and Ellen "NEllie" Walsh (or Welsh, hard to read). There were two other brothers who came to Marcellus before Tady named Patrick and Rodger and also a sister, Sarah Coyne who married Phillip Gannon in Ballynakill and had two children before Patick went first to Marcellus, NY and Sarah followed with chliden a year later.

   I'm planing on visiting the area soon and jsut wondered if anyone had any info on this group of families.

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Wednesday 1st Apr 2015, 04:39PM

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  • Hi Robert
    The 1821 Irish Census has 14 Coynes in Galway - all in Kilreekil & Kilconieren but no Lydons.
    There are also some Coynes & Lydons in the Tithe Applotments 1826 & 1829
    Here's a birth record for Thad from
    Name: Thaddeus Coyne Date of Birth:
    Date of Baptism: 16-Aug-1833
    Address: Clybawn Parish/District: RAHOON
    Gender: Male County Co. Galway
    Denomination: Roman Catholic
    Father: Michael Coyne Mother: Cecily Connor
    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1: Patrick Mulloy Sponsor 2 /
    Informant 2: Sarah Folan
    There are 7 records for Catherine Lydon 1834 + - 5 years - 6 from RAHOON also & 1 from Clifden

    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 1st Apr 2015, 09:34PM
  •  Thanks for the notes. I think I might have run across that Thad birth but it doesn't seem to be him. I know they werer from Galway as my grandfather was raised by Tady and Catherine after my great grandfather (their son John born in Ireland in 1858) and his wife both died before my grandfather was 4 years old. He said TAdy used to say they were so far west in Galway that "the next parish over was America!' I know Thaddeus and Thad are common British version of Tadgh and the name confounded the census takers in MArcellus as he's often Teddy, Tata, TImothy and even TADA! BUt I know my Tdy never went by any of those names.

      IN Griffith Valuations I found a John Coyne as I mentioned in Ross and Tievegarrif townlands in BAllynakill (and a book I bought on the parish said Coyne ws the largest colelction of families in the parish at 34. Tady'/s death cert lists his father as John.. Next door to John was a Thomas Gannon known to bt eh father's name os Phillip Gannon who mariried Tady's sister, Sarah (Salle) Coyne.  found the Lydons in a nearby townland of Moyard  and the THomtons (who JAne Lydon maried into) were in Letterfrack. We also have Jane and Thomas THornton's marriage record from Renvyle.

       For the Lydons I know there were siblings of Catherine and Jane still lving in Ireland as I found a newspaper aticle from 19080 stating that a "MRs. BRidget Lydon Flannery" age 18 had come to Marcellus, NY on her honeymoon to visit her aunts MRs. Catherine Coyne and Mrs.JAne Thornton and both Jane and Catherine were long gone before this niece was born.

       Also in Jane Lydon THornton's obit in 1929 it mentions a brothe, John Lydon, still in Ireland and I found hm in the census in 1929 as still living in Galway. I have siblings mentioned in obits for Jane and Catherine as Patrick Jr who lso came to Marcellus, Mary LYdon who also came and married a Daniel Conroy I also hvae a Peter and Anthony still in Ireland who must have died before Jane in 1929. There was, most likely more.

       OH and I have Catherine born Nov 1840 and Jane born 9 June 1851.


    Thursday 2nd Apr 2015, 04:50AM
  • Not sure if you're aware of this one from rootsireland:

    Date of Marriage: 28-Jan-1878 Parish / District: BALLYNAKILL County: Co. Galway Husband Wife Name: John Lyden Bridget Coyne

    I have a cd Memorials of the Dead Galway & Mayo which has these Coynes in Galway:

    From Ballyconeely Graveyard

    Lord have mercy on the soul of John Coyne who depd this life of the (1?)3 Septem ber 1841 in the 22 year of his age Erected by his loving father John Coyne

    Burrishoole Abbey

    Pray for the soul of Charles Coyne who departed this life the 2nd of January 1833 & of his wife Mary Nivin  who departed in August 1848 Both parents of Rev. Eugene Coyne P.P. Moylough & Mt. Bellew

    Enjoy your trip!


    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 2nd Apr 2015, 07:41AM

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