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Dear Friends in Ireland,

We would be deeply grateful if someone would be willing to go to the cemetery at Church of Christ to take some digital photos of gravestones of the following lost family members. It's possible some could also be buried nearby in Tully, Gorteen or Renvyle. Any information on these loved ones would be deeply appreciated. Many thanks! Carey Ann ( / 01-310-993-3700)

PS There are other ancestors we could list, but they're buried in the United States, so we didn't include them here. We may list them in another post in case it's helpful.

PPS The numbers in parentheses (i.e. (1) (2) and ||||| signify different generation). Thank you so much for helping us. :-)

PPPS If you run into any other information or photos on these folks or their descendants, you know we'd be pleased as punch to hear about them. Thank you for your kind help! :-)


(1) James McDonnell
b. ca 1798
d. 20 Mar 1880, Gorteenclough, County Galway, Ireland
& Delia McDonnell <-- This lady is our ancestor
d. aft 20 Mar 1880, County Galway, Ireland

     (& Bridget Connolly <-- this lady isn't our ancestor but may be on James McDonnell's tombstone          since she was his second wife)
     b. abt 1845, Gorteenclough, County Galway, Ireland
     d. 22 Sep 1870, Gorteenclough, County Galway, Ireland
     m. 10 Feb 1868, Renvyle Parish, County Galway, Ireland

(2) Michael Seamus McDonnell*
b. ca 1842, Gorteenclough, County Galway, Ireland
d. aft 1911, Gorteenclough, County Galway, Ireland
& Mary Maley or Malia or Melia McDonnell
b. ca 1856, Mullaghglass, County Galway, Ireland
d. 13 Jul 1906, Gorteenclough, County Galway, Ireland
m. 3 Feb 1871, Renvyle Parish, County Galway, Ireland

(3) James McDonnell
bp. 24 Mar 1872, Gorteenclough, County Galway, Ireland

(3) Michael McDonnell
bp. 8 Feb 1873, Gorteenclough, County Galway, Ireland
d. bef 8 May 1883

(3) Michael McDonnell
b. Renvyle, County Galway, Ireland
bp. 6 May 1883, Gorteenclough, County Galway, Ireland6
& Bridget Thornton McDonnell
d. approx 2001 - 2003

(4) Patrick McDonnell
b. 7 Jul 1912
& Bridget Regan
b. abt 1909, (Gurteen), County Galway, Ireland
d. 5 May 2002, Galway City, County Galway, Ireland
bur. 7 May 2002, Gurteen, County Galway, Ireland


(3) Maria McDonnell
bp. 11 Oct 1891, Gorteenclough, County Galway, Ireland


(4) Bridget
& Folan


(3) Eliza McDonnell
bp. 8 Oct 1893, Gorteenclough, County Galway, Ireland
d. 27 Feb 1895, Gorteenclough, County Galway, Ireland

(3) Thomas McDonnell
bp. 23 Jun 1895, Gorteenclough, County Galway, Ireland


Saturday 21st Mar 2015, 04:35PM

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  • Dear Carey

    Apologies for the long delay in getting back to you. Have you receive anything about the above?

    Best wishes

    Clare Doyle

    Genealogy Support

    Clare Doyle

    Wednesday 22nd Jul 2015, 11:01AM
  • Hi Clare, Thank you for your reply and my apologies for not responding sooner! I'm just seeing your message! No, noone replied to my request for gravestone photos or any kind of records. I did briefly get the opportunity to visit a small cemetery in Tooreena a few years ago and posted all the photos I took on Not many of the gravestones belonged to my ancestors, however. I would be grateful for any additional insights or suggestions you might have! Thank you! Best wishes, Carey Ann



    Monday 23rd Oct 2017, 11:24PM

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