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Hello all,

My name is Dennis O'Rorke, age 79, San Francisco, CA, U.S.A. I am very much interested in finding out any information about the family of my great grandfather Peter Joseph O'Rorke. My grandfather Robert Ambrose McCallum O'Rorke was born in Glasgow to Peter and Susan McCallum O'Rorke. The family moved to Belfast and lived at 149 York street where they were fishmongers. My grandfather came to America and married my grandmother Irene Coffey but they divorced shortly after and my grandfather returned to 15 Old Lodge Road in Belfast, never to return. So I have no personal family information to go on. My great grandfather aquired a bit of notoriety when he was the target of an ambitious scam around 1900, being informed that he was the heir to a large fortune left by a distant relative who had gone to America. There were several articles in newspapers of the time and I was able to obtain some information from their archives. Peter Joseph indicated that he was born in Boyle, County Roscommon arounf 1867. He had on sister who was living in Lisburn around 1900. Peter was referred to in the newspapers as the "Heir to the American Millions" , which sadly was too good to be true. I would be most grateful for any scrap of information about the O'Rorke family. Thank you for your time and attention.

Dennis O'Rorke





Sunday 25th Apr 2021, 09:27PM

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