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I have been trying to determine more information on my GG Grandfather Michael Higgins. Born circa 1833. Emigrated to the US but don’t know when. He married Ann O’Neill in the US, I believe. It appears from a will that he had a brother John Higgins of Roscommon Bumlin parish and a sister Teresa Higgins, married name possible Kilklein of Mayans yard  Any help appreciated  This is my first information outside of the US  any assistance as to how to proceed is appreciated 




Thursday 24th Jan 2019, 01:53PM

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  • IrishColleen:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    The subscription site Roots Ireland has an 1868 church marriage record from Kilglass RC parish for Teresa Higgins and Lawrence Kilcline. In addition to showing the names of the fathers of the bride and groom, mothers names are also shown which is unusual. Unfortunately, Kilglass RC baptismal and marriage records start in 1865. When I searched for a baptismal record for Teresa, I got no record whcih leads me to believe that all baptisms for the Higgins children were in Kilglass but the records were later lost.

    I looked at the 1901 census and found a widow named Teresa Kilcline with her children living in Coolshagtena townland in Cloontuskert civil parish. Her brother John Higgins was also living with her.…;  In 1911 Teresa and two children were in Coolshaghtena…

    Let me know what questions you have.

    Roger McDonnell

    Date of Marriage:23-Jan-1868
    Parish / District:KILGLASS
    County:Co. Roscommon
    Husband  LawerenceKilcline Address Clontuskert
    Wife TeresaHigginsAddress:Upper Yard

    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Husband's Father  JamesKilcline
    Wife's FatherJamesHiggins

    Husband's Mother  MaryGreghan
    Wife's Mother First Name Not Recorded Rodgers

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 24th Jan 2019, 04:55PM
  • IrishColleen:

    Lawrence Kilcline died in December 1890…

    The only Teresa Kilcline death record I could find was in 1927 but I'm not sure this is your Teresa.  Age was shown as 72 but she should have been in her 80s. Possible lead.…


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 24th Jan 2019, 05:01PM

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