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Hi all,

I’m looking to see if anybody with the Drury surname has done a Y-DNA test. I’d be interested to hear from you regardless of whether your Drury surname originated in Connaught or north Kerry! :) 

I’ve done a DNA test myself and although I had thought my surname was English, the DNA results seem to point more towards Sligo. Get in there! 

Please even let me know if you know anything about the Drurys from this area and any reason why they might have moved to Oxfordshire in England :)

Many Thanks
Benjamin Drury




Benjamin Drury

Sunday 14th Aug 2022, 07:49AM

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  • Welcome!  The Drury surname was numerous in County Roscommon and Sligo. For clusters circa 1858 see this map:


    Hope this helps!

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Wednesday 17th Aug 2022, 04:36AM
  • Hi Benjamin,

    Well, you made your post on the Tibohine civil parish board so I can provide you with at least one Drury connection in this civil parish.  My Thomas Finn (1869-1934) from Lisduff married Bridget "Delia" Drury (1889-1959) from Teevnacreeva.  You can view my detailed database record for "Delia" Drury by using the following URL... 

    when this page opens in your browser enter the record number of 577 and it will display "Delia's" detailed record.

    You will see Delia's parents listed as Thomas Drury & Bridget Gray.  I do have additional information on these two members but haven't had the time to create database entries for them at the present time so their names are not links to database records.  If you would like to follow this family line you can contact me at my email address below my signature and I'll provide all the info I have on them. 

    Additionally, I have had my DNA tested by 23andMe and have uploaded my DNA file to both GEDMatch and MyHeritage.  At present my only connection on Ancestry is by way of a guest account which really doesn't provide we with much viewing or research capability.

    Good luck with your Drury research.

    Ed Finn


    Saturday 2nd Mar 2024, 04:20PM

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