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I am trying to find the person that posted the short biography of Patrick Corcoran (b. 1845) from County Roscommon, Kilgefin parish, on the website. The biography identifies  Patrick Corcoran as possiby their great grandfather and continues to list the children of Michael (his son) and Bridget Corcoran. The author names one of the sons, Patrick Joseph, as their father. My grandmother is Mary Margaret, also listed as one of Michael and Bridget's children. 

My grandmother had always told us that she had a brother named 'Packy' (Patrick) who died young but who also had a daughter named Mary Bridget; however the family lost touch with her. I am eager to contact the author as it appears to be the cousin we never knew. :)


Monday 3rd Jan 2022, 12:36AM

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  • kpmalloy:

    You can post a comment on the Ancestor posting for Patrick Corcoran and the author should get a notification of your post. If you do not hear back in ten days, let me know and I will have our HQ staff send a message to the author.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 3rd Jan 2022, 01:51PM
  • Many thanks for your response, I will post a message there. 




    Monday 3rd Jan 2022, 02:04PM
  • Dear Kathleen,

    I haven't actually looked at my family history for quite a while having pretty much arrived at a dead end, and as always with these things life gets in the way and diverts you to other things. I have no living relatives that I know of that I can ask and unfortunately my mother and father never really spoke about their life in Ireland. I was only about three years old when we left so I have no memory of life there..My father died in England in 1972 when he was 63 so I'm not sure if that would be classed as young. I was baptised Mary Brigid (alternative spelling to Bridget I believe). I'm not sure this is of much help to you but if you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them. Best Wishes Mary


    Tuesday 4th Jan 2022, 05:09PM
  • Dear Mary,

    Thank you for responding. Gathering ancestry information can be trying and the Corcoran side is certainly challenging. I am reaching out to a cousin that may have knowledge of more oral history. Your reply was helpful though and I would very much like to continue our conversation, if possible. This has jogged my mother's memory and she has shared bits of information that she has remembered, whether it will be helpful to determine if we are related I'm not sure. Could we communicate via email, or through Facebook, so as to share a bit more information/family history? If so, I can be reached at

    Kind regards, Kathleen


    Thursday 6th Jan 2022, 10:11PM
  • Dear Kathleen, I have sent an email.  Best wishes Mary






    Saturday 8th Jan 2022, 01:36PM

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