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 I am lookinf for any information that might be availale about the McHugh family of Kilglass parish. My grandfather was born there and his father Michael appears in the Griffith's Valuation of 1858. Married in 1887 in Kilglass Parish. Family still lives on land there in Roscommon County. 

Friday 9th Apr 2021, 05:50PM

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  • There are many McHugh families in Kilglass parish in the late 19th century. Can you provide your grandfather's first name and the year he was born? Can you clarify who married in 1887? After you respond, I'm sure we can find a number of records.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 9th Apr 2021, 07:07PM
  • Hello

    I am a descendant from the McCues near Kilglass.  My direct line is William McCue married Margaret O'Hara.  Their children (that I know about) were Patrick (1817-1880), Bridget (1820 - ), Ann (1823 - ), Darby (1830 - ). Patrick married Ann McGuire (1822-1878).  Patrick and Ann emigrated to Rutland VT in about 1865ish.  They list their Irish origin as Boyle which is near Kilglass.

    I do not know a Michael but he could be part of this clan as well.  McCue is one way the family name is spelled.  It changed to McHugh after they were in Rutland VT.


    Jeanie, Chicago 


    Saturday 10th Apr 2021, 05:57PM
  • Hi,

    I have a John McHugh who first married Catharine Murray, b1785 and they had a daughter Eleanora who was baptised on 5th May 1803.

    He then married Bridget Brennan and they had a daughter Bridget McHugh who was baptized in Elphin Parish, Boyle, Roscommon on 5th June 1805.

    Daughter Bridget married Thomas Malone and died abt 1847.

    Regards, John




    Tuesday 13th Apr 2021, 05:03PM
  • Hi Jeanie from Chicago. This is Pam from Connecticut. From what you have shared, we are related. I am in the midst of a huge puzzle that involves double cousins. Until testing my DNA I did not think I was Irish. Come to find out I am 55% from Roscommon. I am still piecing it together but I believe my dad was an NPE. All my paternal matches descend from  McCue/Mullin families that lived in Roscommon and then came to Rutland, Vermont and worked in the quarries. The 2 families we descend from are Patrick McCue and Ann McGuire and Patrick Mullin and Alice Corning. Two children from each of these 2 families married each other. I can see how all my Ancestry matches are related to this group, but not myself. The double cousins, who married each other, are Michael Mullin (1834-1912) and Margaret McCue (1844-1890) and Bridget Alice Mullin (1843-1917) and James F. McCue (1843-unknown). Sorry if this is confusing. It is a lot to take in. As a result this is so difficult to place matches in the proper relationship as the cM's are almost double what they would normally be. I also tested on 23&Me and they created a tree for me which is completely off a generation. Anyway, I wanted to say hello. It is extremely lonely as I have not shared this information with my family until I am certain of my hunch. 

    Hope to hear from you or anyone my notes resonates with.



    Saturday 18th Feb 2023, 03:55PM
  • Hello

    It sounds like you have unearthed one of those SURPRISE! research results.  So how can I help you? I am not really sure what you know and what you need help filling in. I am a direct descendant of Patrick McCue and Ann McGuire.

    You can email me at and let me know what info you are looking for.

    Best regards



    Sunday 19th Feb 2023, 11:04PM
  • Thank-you for responding, Jeanie. I am just curious as to which child of Patrick and Ann you descend from. Have you tested your DNA on Ancestry or any other company? I know very little about our big Irish family and am interested in any little tidbits. I can be reached at



    Tuesday 21st Feb 2023, 01:48PM

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