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I just solved a genealogical mystery by finding a newspaper article from 1913 (attached).

According to the story, Charles Pitt Frissell (1843-1913) was born with the name Michael O'Flanagan (1843-1913), son of Mr. & Mrs. Malachi O'Flanagan, in the town of Flagford, County Roscommon, Ireland. Michael O'Flanagan changed his name in 1858 (at the age of 15) because he was adopted by Dwight Lyman Frissell, a farmer in Peru, Mass., U.S.

Michael had a younger brother named Malley O'Flanagan, born 1848 in Flagford, later renamed Henry Clinton Frissell because he too was taken in by Mr. Frissell.

Charles Pitt Frissell became a very successful insurance man in Burlington, Vermont, and moved to Pomona, Calif., in 1889. He purchased the Golden Terrace Ranch there and farmed fruit orchards until 1901, when he swapped the ranch for a different property in Pomona.

When Charles Pitt Frissell died in early 1913, he left a great deal of money (est. $65,000, minimally) to Henry C. Frissell, his biological brother.

I'm sinply trying to find more information about the Flanagan family. Thanks for any feedback you can offer!


Sunday 30th Jul 2023, 11:32PM

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  • wrwooley:

    The RC parish for the area where Flagford is located would be Croghan. I searched the subscription site Roots Ireland and found four baptismal records for children of Malachy Flanagan. The given name for his wife varied-- Dara, Deirdre Honor and Bridget. The children were: Michael baptized September 28 1838 Patrick April 30 1840 Malachy November 20 1842 John June 21 1846

    I found a marriage record May 25 1837 in Aughrim RC parish for a Malachy Flanagan and a Dolly Flanagan.. Aughrim is just south of Croghan.

    Despite five different given names for Mrs. Flanagan, I believe they are the same person who eventually went to America.

    It appears that the maiden name for Mrs. Flanagan was also Flanagan.

    Let me know what questions you have.

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 31st Jul 2023, 12:00AM
  • On the subscription site Roots Ireland, there is a RC baptismal record for a Malachy Flanagin on 29 Dec 1811 in the RC parish of Croghan. Parents are Patrick Flanagin & Rose Prendergast. Sponsors are Martin McDermot & Eleanor Eagan.




    Monday 31st Jul 2023, 02:22AM
  • Flanagan Roscommon:

    I cannot believe this 🤗, my sister is a Mrs Flanagan , I am almost 99.9% certain this is of great interest to you & of course Kilmore is their local church & schooling region . 

    So you can email me directly on : 

    looking forward to hearing from you . 

    Una 🤗👋

    Una Shannon Mallia001

    Tuesday 1st Aug 2023, 08:02AM
  • Thanks for your excellent replies! Based on the few informational tidbits I already had, all this additional information appears to be consistent and my family tree has been enhanced accordingly! I never imagined I'd receive so much solid feedback so promptly. Now I'm eager to continue exploring my Flanagan connection further. Perhaps I'll return with more questions! Appreciatively, Bill


    Wednesday 2nd Aug 2023, 01:43PM

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