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My name is Mike Lancor and I live in Moultonborough, NH USA.  I am helping a friend of mine "chase" his Jackson ancestors.  On Dec. 31, 1821, John Jackson married Elizabeth Atwell in St. Paul's COI in Newtownforbes, Parish Clonguish, Co. Longford.  The marriage record gave "Kilmain, Diocese of Elphin" as the address for John Jackson.

When the Tithe Applotment records were recorded in 1827, there was a John Jackson living in Townland Ballymurray in Parish Kilmeane in Co. Roscommon.  There was also a Samuel Jackson as the sole individual appearing in the Tithe Applotment for Bogginfin in 1827.  The John Jackson who married Elizabeth Atwell died in 1847 according to his son's family bible and his wife Elizabeth died in the late 1830s.  His son Samuel, who had the family bible, emigrated to New York City about 1850.  When Griffith's evaluation took place in the 1850s, there were two Jackson's (Michael and David) residing in Townland Boggafin.

There are three questions I have for anyone who may be able to help:  1) I am trying to determine if Kilmeane Parish in Co. Roscommon would be the same as the "Kilmain, Diocese of Elphin" noted in the marriage record for John Jackson in 1821?, 2) Any additional information about Samuel, John, Michael and/or David Jackson residing in Parish Kilmeane, Co. Roscommon in the early to mid 1800s?, and 3) Any information regarding the individuals buried in the Kilmeane Cemetery in Townland Mote Demense since that is one possible cemetery in which the Jacksons may have been buried in the early to mid-1800s?

Special thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to give me some information and/or suggestions.

Mike Lancor


Tuesday 10th Jan 2017, 12:13AM

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  • Kilmean or Kilmain (Lewis - 1837) is a civil parish and forms part of the Church of Ireland parish Union of Killenvoy, which is in Elphin Church of Ireland Diocese. Newtownforbes is located abt 40km by road to the north of this and close to Longford town, which is in Clongesh parish, Church of Ireland diocese of Ardagh.

    I'd say it's reasonable to interpret the 'Kilmain, Diocese of Elphin' as a reference to the Civil parish of Kilmean/Kilmaine in Co. Roscommon.

    As far as I can see there were two graveyards in Kilmean civil parish, the one in Mote Demesne townland (c1840 OSI Map), and another in Portrunny village (partialy Portrunny townland and part Lackan). I suspect the grave yard in Mote Demesne townland may have been for the owner & family of Mote Park/Moate Park estate, which in the 1830s was a Lord Crofton. I didn't find any headstone transcripts for either of these online, but would be worth keeping an eye out for any updates. There may be additional graveyards within the wider parish union - Killenvoy, Kilmean, Porterin, Ivernoon/St. John's, and Raharrow.

    Other than the Tithe and Valuation records the next usual step would be to investigate the availability of Church of Ireland records for the parish, but unfortunately the latest CofI Parish Register list from the RCBL shows that records for this Parish Union only go back to the 1870s, with earlier records listed as lost, most likely in Dublin during event the Civil War.

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 12th Jan 2017, 02:11PM
  • Thanks shanew147 so very much for responding so quickly.  I am particularly delighted to hear that it's reasonable to assume that the "Kilmain, Diocese of Elphin" is a reference to the Civil parish of Kilmean/Kilmaine in Co. Roscommon.  Thanks also for the information about the cemetery in Portrunny village.  I will try to see if I can find out any information about the Portrunny village cemetery since I do not believe members of the COI were buried in the cemetery in the Mote Demense townland, although I am not certain of this.

    Again, thanks for the reply and the information.

    Mike Lancor


    Thursday 12th Jan 2017, 10:54PM
  • Hello Mike

    Kilmaine cemetery in Mote Park, Roscommon is being surveyed by an archaeologist at the moment and a list of headstone is being drawn up. Contact Eilish in the Mote Park Conservation Group who can put you in touch with the archaeologist.

    A Jackson family did reside in Ballymurray until recently (about 1950's)

    And worked in Mote Park. They moved to the UK. Contact me for more details if you wish. The earliest grave stone in Kilmaine is 1698. The cemetary also served for people working on the estate.


    Sunday 27th Oct 2019, 06:33PM
  • Thanks so much for your reply.  Our personal email is if you would like to contact us by email since I am uncertain how to contact you for more details.  My wife Kate and I collaborate with the most fantastic Eilish Feeley and have spent time with Eilish in Roscommon on three different trips to Ireland, most recently in May 2019.  We did not know that there was a Jackson family who resided in Ballymurray until the 1950s and would love to try and contact them in the UK.  We know that there were Jacksons living in Knockcroghery, but were not aware of any Jacksons living in Ballymurrary as recently as the 1950s.  In collaboration with Eilish, we have gathered lots of information about the Jacksons of Ballymurray and Bogginfin, but any information you can give us about the Jacksons living in Ballymurray until the 1950s would be greatly appreciated.

    Mike and Kate Lancor


    Monday 28th Oct 2019, 10:56AM
  • Can you please reconfirm yr e-mail?

    Tuesday 29th Oct 2019, 03:04PM
  • Oops, my mistake.  My email is  You can also use

    Thanks so much and sorry about the mistake.


    Wednesday 30th Oct 2019, 07:44PM

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